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Billy Elliot

No description

Lauren Bird

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Billy Elliot

During the 1984 miner's strike in the county of Durham, Great Britain, a young Billy discovers his passion for dancing but behind his father's, Jackie, back. With the loss of his mother Billy grows and learns how to be an independent individual. His ballet instructor sees he has great potential and tells his family he should go to the Royal School of Ballet. When his family discover that he's been dancing, Billy is forbidden to dance but eventually Jackie sees the light and helps Billy save up enough money to audition for the school. After much drama Billy is accepted and pursues a career in big productions in ballet.

*Billy Elliot - main character
*Jackie Elliot - Billy's dad
*Tony Elliot - Billy's brother
*Mrs.Wilkinson - Billy's ballet instructor
*Tony - Billy's friend
*Debbie - Mrs.Wilkinson's daughter
*Grandma - Billy's grandmother
*Jenny Elliot - Billy's deceased mother
Shots and Angles
Throughout the film lighting and camera shots/angles are used particularly to show the mood of characters. Most of the time light is shining from above to show that this is what Billy's mother would have wanted him to do (Ballet). The camera angles are used very well by the director to show fear when Billy looks up to his dad and shots show Billy's joy, confusion and anger in his expression dance towards the end of the movie
The themes in this movie are very powerful and have deep meanings, such as:

-self discovery
-fulfilling ones dream
-social class
-gender stereo type
-and acceptance
My analysis
This film was very carefully scripted and acted out and resulted in a brilliant production that won many awards.
The accents were quite hard to understand but the meaning and message behind the movie were the best reward for watching this movie.
My class enjoyed Billy Elliot as a film study and managed to pick out all the meanings behind it. This movie was a huge success and deserved every award it got.
Billy Elliot
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