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Nicholas Antolini

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of LEGO

Legos were created by Ole Kirk Christiansen. He was a carpenter, who first began building with wooden blocks. They were first made in Billund, Denmark. In 1934, his company came to be called Lego, they were named after the Danish phrase "leg godt" which means "play well".
Later in 1954 Godtfred Christianson (Ole's son) worked getting Lego's to be a system for "creative play". By 1958 the modern brick was finally patented on January 28, 1958.
Since the 1950's Lego has released thousands of sets from TV show and movie characters and other themed sets. Police and Fire trucks and Space Shuttles too. They have even created life like copies of famous buildings like the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and Seattle Space Needle and entire cities. Lego has video games with many different themes from Pirates to Star Wars to Batman. They recently came out with the first Lego movie that was number one for weeks. It made over $410 billion dollars. A sequel is in the works, scheduled for May 2017.
Sets and Products
Lego bricks from 1958 should still interlock with those made now. Just six pieces of 2x4 bricks can be combined in 915,103,765 ways.
Each Lego piece must be manufactured to an exact degree of precision. Two pieces must fit firmly, yet be easy to take apart.
Since 1963, Lego pieces have been manufactured from a strong, resilient plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The ABS plastic is heated to 450 °F (until at a dough-like consistency) injected into molds at pressures between 25 and 150 tons, then cooled.
The Lego Group reports that about eighteen bricks out of every one million fail to meet the standard required! Each piece is checked to see that it meets the standards.

Lego Facts
The Creation of Lego's
Commonly referred to as "minifigs" were created in 1978. Minifigs can be firefighters, policemen, construction,
pirates, Superheros and more. Older minifigs didn't have any faces, arms or legs... some didn't even have hair elements.
To date over 3.7 billion have been made! They usually come in six pieces. They come in sets, keychains, magnets. Some are from movies. Minifigures were an essential part of the Lego movie.
Lego's as Art?
Many artists use Lego's as their tools. Some make pictures, some make them into small buildings, even eyewear and jewlery too.
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