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Using The Right Word

For My ENGL 1102 Class

Alonzo Mercado

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Using The Right Word

Discreet -circumspect; judicious
seperate individual, each and every e.g/i.e.
for example, i.e.-
that is, insure/ensure
insure- to obtain insurance ensure- to make certain Everyday/Every Day
routine, ordinary Every day-
each individual day Fact/Factoid
fact- something absolutely true factoid- conjecture masquerading as a fact Farther/Further
farther- at a greater distance further- in addition to Faze/Phase
faze- to disturb or disconcert phase- a period or cycle Flaunt/Flout
flaunt- to show something off flout- to ignore or disdain Flier/Flyer
flier- one who flies flyer- an advertisement LL Cool J Is asking us to be ______. Discreet/Discrete
Women can rap too, ____ MC Lyte. e.g/i.e.
50 Cent is going to have to ____ his new car. insure/ensure
Rick Ross hustles ______. Everyday/ Every day Kanye says that Beyonce'
had the best music video
of all time. This is a _____. Fact/Factoid Compton is alot _______ from here than Atlanta. Farther/Further If you're disturbing the peace, you'll most likely begin to _____ your neighbors. Faze/Phase Eminem ______ the conventional wisdom that white men can't rap. Flouts/Flaunts This is a _____ for Drake's tour. Flier/Flyer Using the right word-
rules #21-30
(pg. 105-109) Flair/Flare
Flair- a special talent Flare- a sudden bright light Lil' Wayne like to show his ______ for writing creative metaphors Flair/Flare
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