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Modern Communications in a Digital Age

Enhancing Tulsa Tech's Marketing & Communications with Technology

Ryan Williams

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Modern Communications in a Digital Age

Modern Communications in a Digital Age Enhancing Tulsa Tech's Marketing & Communications with Technology Ryan Williams - Public Relations Supervisor What we do... Flyers & Brochures Print Ads Customized Ads with program and/or event specific copy, placed strategically in local publications Professionally designed and printed in-house; for handing out and/or mailing to all types of constituents Billboards & Signage Strategically placed signs that attract attention - on the highway, on campus - as well as influence and impact our community Social Media Engaging our students, staff, and community in a two-way communication. We listen, we hear, we act based on the conversations happening right now. The best way to define social media is to describe it as an instrument of communication.

Think of regular media as a one-way street where you can read a newspaper or listen to a report on television, but you have very limited ability to give your thoughts on the matter.

Social media, on the other hand, is a two-way street that gives you the ability to communicate too. What is social media? A lot of people actually… So what? Who cares? The numbers are staggering…as of 2012... Facebook monthly active users now total nearly 850 million.
488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile.
250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.
210,000 years of music have been played on Facebook.
17 billion location-tagged posts and check-ins were logged.
77% of B2C companies acquired customers from Facebook. Facebook 175 million tweets are sent per day.
56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored.
69% of follows on Twitter are suggested by friends.
11 accounts are created every second on Twitter.
50% of users are using Twitter mobile.
34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter. Twitter 97% of the fans of Pinterest's Facebook page are women.
Over 80% of pins are repins.
80% of Pinterest users are women, 50% of those have children.
43% of people prefer Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands.
69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they've bought or wanted to buy.
Pinterest hit 10 million US monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history.
Users spend an average of 16 minutes on Pinterest per visit. Pinterest Google+ The Google +1 button is used 5 billion times per day.
625,000 new users on Google+ every day.
Websites using the +1 button generate 3.5x the Google+ visits than sites without the button.
400 million plus users.
At least 60% of Google+ users log in daily. One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.
Yes, that means 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed a day.
YouTube gets around 800 million unique visitors every month.
700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.
Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month. YouTube Stay in control by using built-in privacy features on your social networking profile, whichever site you like to use.
As educators, we might not want students or other people we don't know well to access our profile (or the profiles of our friends & family).

And those can be accessed through friends of friends or who we follow or like. But before we dive into each site… Protect Your Privacy Anything that is publicly available online could be seen by your students and other people.

Before you post any information or images, consider whether it could cause you embarrassment or potentially damage your reputation or career, even if you have set your social networking profile to private.

Even people in your network could take a screenshot of your post and send it to someone to get you in trouble, even the media!

Use your professional judgment when it comes to your digital space, just as you would in the real world. Think Before You Post So, how is Tulsa Tech involved in Social Media? By utilizing many outlets for communication, on top of our traditional media outlets, we contribute to the conversation already happening with great speed and are able to engage our audience and influence perception. Feature Stories Meticulously written feature stories about successful students, enhanced programs, and interesting achievements placed throughout the region. Ads placed on 2, 6, 8, 23 & Cox - “Touchdown Friday Night” - “Tulsa Tech Spirit Stick” Television Streamlined messaging through sponsorship, on-camera interviews, and involvement with local high school events maximizes our message to our most engaged "consumers"....our parents and students! Website Utilizing our own resources to tell our story...in a clean, simple way that helps our constituents find information quickly. @BartleyDixon4: Hey Tulsa Tech sign... YOU ARE TO BRIGHT! I'M BLINDED! http://t.co/KUWPR4BT Interactive two-way communication happens on a daily basis, but we are now more aware of the conversations and can address concerns or questions in real-time. Example Facebook Almost 1,100 likes on our main district page (almost 500 more likes on pages that we don't update much but do control and monitor)
Weekly reach averaging 880 people, up 20% in 2012
Friends of fans is 339,407 (reach if all fans of page sent out something about us) Twitter 750 followers, by far the largest of any Tech Center in the state (only CareerTech has more, 819)
Perfect vehicle for short, quick info...like daily lunch menus! Pinterest 216 Pins on 8 boards, ranging from career tips to motivation to photos around campus.
95 followers, with multiple re-pins each time we pin or re-pins another user's content. YouTube 26 subscribers, 2nd most of any Tech Centers in the state
Almost 16k total video views
We showcase student work, show student achievement through partner videos, show media stories about programs and students, and highlight events on campus (on occasion). Google+ Like FB, but instead of "Friends", you have circles...which can be categorized however you want. Each post then can be sent to specific circles.
71 have Tulsa Tech in their circles, we've been +1'd 74 times.
The benefit with Google+ is that it is integrated with YouTube, search, Android OS for mobile, etc. That makes it easier for our customers to find information about us. Internal Communications Support Staff recognition Faculty recognition Enhanced district-wide announcements Interesting "shout-outs" or success stories Communicate better
More often and more consistently
Use the resource Media stories Useful information "Atta-boys" & "Atta-girls" Not too difficult, or challenging, or demanding, or laborious, or tough. Questions?
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