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Amazing Race of Europe

Kareena and Mary's Amazing Race

Kareena Udeshi

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Amazing Race of Europe

By: Kareena and Mary The Amazing Race of Europe London, England Day 1 Wales Hiking Kayak Kayak Dublin, Ireland Faroe, Islands Physical Features Total Miles Traveled-900 300 mi. 600 mi. Atlantic Ocean

Norwegian Sea Faroe Islands Day 2 Layover
Reykjavik, Iceland Kayak Kayak Faroe Islands Layover 450 miles 450 miles Total Miles Travelled- 900 Norwegian Sea

Norwegian Sea Physical Features

Stockholm, Sweden Day 3 Faroe Islands Olso, Norway Kayak Hiking 625 miles 250 miles Total Miles Travelled- 875 Norwegian Sea Physical Features Scandinavian Peninsula Helsinki, Finland Day 4 Stockholm, Sweden Tallipri, Estonia Vilnius, Lithuania Minsk, Belarus Smolensk, Russia Kayak Kayak Hiking Layover Hiking Hiking 250 miles 50 miles 325 miles 100 miles 200 miles

Great European Plains
Physical Features Russian Plains Great European Plains
Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea
Smolensk, Russia Day 5 Moscow,
Russia Kiev, Ukraine L'viv, Ukraine Layover Hiking Hiking Hiking
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