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Cathy Leaker

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Putting The PLA Steps in Context: Looking at Student Sammy Sample
Sammy's Learning
Approval, Concurrance and Transcript Credit
office manager at a law firm
has been involved with Big Brother/Big Sister
for 15 years
loves to write and perform spoken
word poetry
happily married for 5 years
with 18 month old twin daughters
Die-hard Met fan
Has recently begun studying yoga and meditation

Educational Planning
, Sammy and his/her mentor assessed and categorized all potential prior college-level learning into these PLA requests:
Law Office Managment

(6 cr, intro, nonliberal):
4-6 page essay with documentation (ie. updated resume and letter from direct supervisor)

Youth Mentoring (4 cr, adv, nonliberal)
6-8 page essay with documentation (ie. certificate from training program; thank you letter (s) from a little sister/brother; service award)

Writing and Performing Poetry (4 cr, intro, liberal):
4-6 page essay with documentation (ie. samples of work; list of performances; flier from poetry event with Sammy's name prominently featured)
Preparing PLA Requests: Working with his/her mentor, Sammy further developed PLA requests as follows:
Sammy was sent contact information for three evaluators and reached out to
schedule interviews.

Each evaluator assessed Sammy's PLA according to his/her expertise:

Evaluator for

Office Managment

spoke briefly to Sammy, indicating that Sammy's PLA
warranted 4 credits under the new title
Office Management

Evaluator for
Youth Mentoring
interviewed Sammy for a half hour, recommended
the amount of credit Sammy requested and suggested Sammy could perhaps
develop an additional PLA request with the title
Volunteer Coordination and Management

Evaluator for
Writing and Performing Poetry
asked Sammy for more samples of
original poetry, interviewed Sammy for an hour and recommended full credit for the PLA
Working with evalautors
Faculty Assessment Committee reviewed and approved
Sammy's Degree plan, rationale and the credit
recommendations from PLA evaluators

Degree Plan concurred in Saratoga Springs

12 PLA credits listed on Sammy's transcript
Submitting PLA requests
All three request titles were contextualized in Sammy's draft degree plan ( ie a BME with a concentration in Management)

Sammy entered each PLA request+documentation entered in PLA Planner

Mentor submited Sammy's three PLA requests, draft degree plan, and draft rationale to COAR

A PLA fee of $650.00 is charged to Sammy's account
Law Office Managment

Youth Mentoring

Writing and Performing Poetry
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