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Iron Man 2 The Chemistry Behind Vibranium

No description

Tiffany McLong

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Iron Man 2 The Chemistry Behind Vibranium

By Tiffany McLong Xanderfelium My New Element Elements combined to create this new element Protons, Electrons,Neutrons, and the Atomic weight. Disadvantages Advantages Applications Visual of my element My new element is called Xanderfelium and its atomic symbol is (Huo). It was invented in a science lab and created with Nuclear fuission. The elements used to create Xanderfelium is Helium (He) and Ununoctium (Uuo) The Number of Protons: 120
The Number of Electrons: 120
The Number of Neutrons: 178
The Atomic Weight: 298 A lot of people are going to lose their jobs for example meteorologist"s because their job is to predict the weather.

The elements charge can run out easily when used a lot. When it runs out of energy you have to use a new element .

Gives off a foul oder. So this element is used for predicting the weather and horrible disasters. 2
4 118

294 Helps people prepare for the worst.
It saves money because it's cheap to create
It saves energy and cuts back on pollution. It has a square which represents the weather cycle, the circle represents clouds, and the last circle represents the sun Different chemical reactions happen depending on what the weather will be.
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