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Kevin wong

No description

Tiffany Nunez

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Kevin wong

Monitoring and Evaluation
(5-year plan)
* to blood pressure, the patient should be involved in daily physical activity and also not have so much stress, for example dealing with everyday allergies or struggles with the kids (check-ups will be every 2-3 weeks)
* to lower cholesterol, it is best to stop consuming food high in fats and sodium and make healthy eating habits part of their everyday life ( blood will taken every month)
* for control of weight, the patient should not only be doing physical activities such as running, but also taking part in maintaining a healthy diet (weight will be monitored every 2 weeks by a dietician and doctor)
Recommendations for Modifiable Risk Factors
Patient should raise his HDL levels. This can be done by daily aerobic exercise and losing weight.

Patient should be at a healthy weight. Weighing 295 pounds and being 5'11" tall, he is obese.

* weight
* blood pressure
* cholesterol
* treatment of blocked coronary arteries
* HDL levels
* triglyceride levels
* blood sugar and blood pressure
Recommendations for medical procedures
Patient should partake in bypass surgery. This surgery can unblock two of his blocked coronary arteries.
Patient Plan: Kevin Wong
By: Jessica Samaniego
Tiffany Nunez
Sheryl Posadas P.4

Risk Factors
* age
* height
* family history
* asthma (if takes inhaler it can be modifiable, but won't get rid of )
Eating a healthy diet and participating in daily activity can help lower his blood pressure and total cholesterol levels.
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