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Increasing Cash Sales in Retail

No description

Jason Makowski

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of Increasing Cash Sales in Retail

Increasing Cash Sales in Retail
Gift Cards/Packages
"Sparty Surprise" gift cards
Use and purchase just like Green Dot Credit Cards, but only at Sparty's locations
"Finals Week Survival" packages
Many items to include: Blue Books, #2 Pencils, paper, snacks, energy drinks, etc.
Possible combos limitless!
Engage & Participate!
Active engagement
Social Media interaction
Perceived savings
Personalized Service
Items to Consider
Trivia games - active, passive, timely
Scavenger hunts with rewards
Free coffee for a month?
All the blue books you need for one semester during Finals
Website interaction - lead them to portal and have interactive engagment there
Mobile games? "Battle for Sparty's" game to see which neighborhood wins
Telling the Story/D.O.S.E.
Upsell Items!
Expansion of CX options for an additional price (We have A, B, C...)
Add a "D" item for $1
Once a CX is being used, offer smaller add-ons for only $1 extra
"Sparty-Size your CX"
Perceived maximizing value
Customers satisfied with more
Cost is attractive, not prohibitive!

The Sparty's Story
Imagine the Possibilities
"You have a CK Salad and a drink, would you like to add a Snicker's Bar for only $1?"
"You're getting an entree, chips and drink. Would you like to add something sweet for only $1 extra?"
Capitalize on hunger, use of Combo and ease of the upsell!
Adds perceived value to the customer!
How do you upsell? It's easy!
The Beginning
Upsell, upsell, upsell! Add a "D" item option for an additional price to CX options
Offer Gift Cards, Sparty Surprises
Interact, engage, and use media & Marketing
Increase perceived value
Focus on guest experience - D.O.S.E.!
Telling the Story is important to connect with our guests. This is how we engage them and truly Deliver an Outstanding Spartan Experience.
In the beginning...1993...Sparty's was born.
By 1999, Cyber Cafe opened and Sparty's had 15 locations across campus.
In 2009, the game changed forever when Combo-X-Change was rolled out.
We now have 21 locations. Three brands emerged in 2011 - Cafe, Refresh, and Express.
Throughout, we have upped our game in
Delivering Outstanding Spartan Experiences
to our guests - students AND faculty/staff!
Now, in 2017, it's time to up our game once again, and D.O.S.E. a whole new generation of guests, while 'wowing' our current guests!

So, you want numbers??
Spring, 2017 Averages:
CX 40,000 per week
8,000 per day M-F
At 10% participation in "D" item, that is $800/day increase or $128,000 per school year.
At 5% participation, that is $400/day increase or $64,000 per school year.
Industry Examples
Speedway Speedy Rewards
Coffee cards - Buy a card with 6 punches, use at Sparty's to by-pass POS (pre-paid!)
Quality Dairy Rewards Cards
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