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Team 4 Music

Electronic/Dance, Country, Classical & R&B

Rachelle Marjanovic

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Team 4 Music

Australian Artists Tex Morton 1916 - 1983
Born as Robert William Lane.
Tex Morton (The Yodelling Boundary Rider)
ran away from home and began busking in at just 14 years old. He moved to Australia in 1932, and was the first artist in the nation to record his own country music. Therefore, he inherited the title "Father of Australian Country Music" Kasey Chambers -Known as the King of Australian Country Music Slim Dusty Born June 1976 Has won ARIA awards for "Best Country Album", "Best Female Artist" and "Album of the Year". Has had four #1 and multi platinum albums on the Australian charts #1 Hit "Not Pretty
Enough" 1927 - 2003 - First Australian to recieve a Gold Record - International #1 hit "Pub With No Beer" - Inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame -Music career lasted over 60 years -Popularised the 'bush ballad' A 'Classic' is an art which is so good it will always be enjoyed in the future!
Classical music is 'art' written to express something significant or great, to explore an idea or emotion.
www.good-music-guide.com (2012) Country
Music Electronic/Dance Music Australian Artists Classial Music of Australia is generally based on its traditional culture Instruments Classical Music Legends/Icons History Every year around 2500 concerts of classical music are presented Australia wide Each State and Territory capital in Australia has a symphony orchestra The Australian String Quartet History Origin: Southern United States 1923: An American talent scout named Ralph Peer recorded the music of Fiddlin’ John Carson. This record broke open the world of hillbilly music by becoming the first regional country hit. 1950's: Country music began using elements of folk, gospel and rock 'n' roll, creating something new and exciting with every emerging country artist 1960's: The revolution of rock 'n' roll was taking over the charts, and so began country music’s decline. 1990's: The popularity of line dancing caused a comeback of country music. Many female country artists began to emerge, and crossed over with the pop charts resulting in taking country music to mainstream radio. Instruments Country music generally consists of a simple chord progression with lyrics that tell a story. - Guitar
- Banjo
- Fiddle
- Harmonica
- Pedal steel guitar
- Double Bass Most commonly used instruments are; Country Band 'The Demotic Orchestra Radio Podravina' http://www.barikada.com/rock_biografije/2007-11-01_kc_rock.php Country Icons/Legends Hank Williams Patsy Cline Johnny Cash Brian McKnight Stevie Wonder R&B Icons/ Legends Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston R&B music was originally created by African American musicians that originated from blues & jazz. It was described as jazz based with a heavy insistent beat (History of R&B, 2013). Australian R&B Artists R&B has had a significant impact on Australian popular music. In the mid 1970's Renee Geyer was regarded as one of the most finest exponents of jazz, soul and R&B attracting commercial success with "Its a Mans World"
In the late 70's, Marcia Hines filtered into the R&B industry after appearing on stage with the musicals Hair & Jesus Christ Superstar, with several hits, albums to follow. More recently, other R&B artists planted their talents within the R&B market through platforms such as Australian Idol. These artists include Guy Sebastian, Daniel Merriwether, Paulini and Jessica Mauboy. Instruments - Drum kit - Bass guitar
- Saxophone - Electric guitar
- Horns - Piano/organ
- Vocals & background vocals
(Greer, 2205-2011). 1940's - originated as popular African music

1950's - applied to blues, also contributed to the development of rock & roll as well as Gospel and soul

1960's - British R&B developed

1970's - used as a blanket term for soul & funk

1980's till current - new style of R&B developed becoming known as Contemporary R&B
(Ripano, 2006, p8) Electronic is the main form of music today although it has been around since the 1800s. Avant-Grade and experimental were the phases pre 1970s. Now it is known as dance or electronic music and has been broken down into a multitude of sub-genres such as house, trance, techno and dubstep. Australian Artists Electronic Music icons/legends Instruments History Voted recently, the three artists that topped the list for best Australian electronic artists were Seekae, Jack Vanzet and Oliver Tank. Seekae sound is progressive and unique to many other artists. From Melbourne, Jack Vanzet produces dreamy soft pulsing electronica. Oliver Tank produces more soft dreamy music and is the man behind the track "Last night I heard everything in slow motion." Other Australian artists that made the list were Fishing, Albatross and Galapagoose. Electronic music is made by machines that can manipulate sounds and music. In 1867 Elisha Grey created the first electronic instrument which was called the Electroharmonic Piano. Nowadays, as technology has advanced, artists use instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers.

3. Aphex Twin - He is considered to be the most influential figure
of his genre and can produce variety, rhythm and overall
sound-mixing in all his tracks.
2. Afrika Bambaataa - Due to his contribution in developing
hip-hop and break-beat in the 80s, he is classed as the
Godfather of the electro-funk sound.
1. Deadmau5 - The DJ also know as Joel Simmerman
has made it to the top of the list for being quite
simply the best of today. He has appeared in
the world's top 5 DJs for five years now and
is known for his trademark 3D
presentation shows. 1867 - Elisha Grey invents first electronic instrument, the Electroharmonic Piano
1919 - Leon Theremin invents the first commercially available electronic instrument, called the Theremin.
1940s - Avant grade music (experimental electronic) begins to flourish.
1955 - Harry Olsen invents the sound synthesizer
1967 - "Good Vibrations" by the beach boys becomes the first electronic pop hit to feature electronic sounds.
1970 - Kraftwerk become the first electronic band/artists
1980 - The wheels of steel is released
1990s - Rave, dance and electronic music peaks
1998 - Tramce music becomes a genre Skrillex Seekae Moby Deadmau5 References Instruments commonly used in country music are: 1932 - 2003 Hits include:
- A boy named Sue
- I walk the Line
- Ring of Fire
- Folsom Prison Blues 1923-1953 Hits include:
- Hey Good Lookin'
- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
- Cold, Cold Heart
- Lovesick Blues 1932 - 1963 Hits include:
- Crazy
- I Fall to Pieces
- Sweet Dreams
- Walkin after midnight R&B Music Music Classical Music Primary instruments used are:

Bound Strings - violins, violas, cellos, double bases

Woodwinds -flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon

Brass - trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba

Percussion - xylophone, timpani, kettle drum, marimba, gong, tamborine, cymbels, triangle

Keyboard - harp, spinet, piano, organ

(Demand Media Inc (2013). Instruments used in Classical Music.) Mozart - Extended the symphony and quartet to mass opera Franz Joseph Haydn - known as the father of the string quartet. (www.limelightmagazine.com.au) Fran Shubert - set verse to music. Compiled more than 600 songs to the words of poets. haymarket media (2013). Ludwig Van Beethoven - represents transition to the romantic era Here are just a few of the many artists which have contributed not just vocally within the R&B industry, but have also been great influential factors in many of the R&B soundtracks of today (History of R&B, 2013). History Aretha Frankli( [image) Rhythm, Love and Soul youtube.com/watch?v=7kDGi8gYS18

australian-charts.com, visited on May 1, 2013

Brian Mcknight (image) from Anytime albumyoutube.com/watch?v=AB3V0L5xrs

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Whitney Houston (image) from Whitney albumyoutube.com/watch?v=oQEHsndRuF4 Conclusion Oxford dictionary describes
music as, “vocal or
instrumental sounds (or
both) combined in such a
way as to produce beauty of
form, harmony, and
expression of emotion.” This
site has been created for music
lovers to have a basic overview
of four different genres of music,
electronic, country, classical and
R&B music, with each genre broken
up into sub-headings, being Australian
artists, music icons and legends,
instruments and the history behind each
Full transcript