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IT in the Military

No description

Carla Hornecker

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of IT in the Military

History Questions? Training and Simulations IT
in the Military Stacey Demchenko, Yuliya Len, Lauren Gallimore, Josh Bodnaruk, Carla Hornecker Weaponry The Evolution of IT in the Military Military IT in the Future Biometrics
Identifying heartbeats
Brainwave Technology
Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System Intelligence Gathering ECHELON Intercept and monitor phone calls, emails, texts and faxes from:
People in foreign countries
Foreign government's
Keywords are used to filter the messages and flag possible threats Prior to technology, infantry and cavalry were the core of military action. -Network Enabled Weapons (NEW):
-Radar-guided AMRAAM and Sidewinder missles -Paveway bomb series -Standoff Land-Attack Missile Extended range (SLAM-ER) -Precision Instrument Network Propelled Ordinance-Interchangeable (PIN POINT) Technology of the Future: IT in the Military Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Designed using an open-source platform with standard internet protocols
Enterprise-wide collaboration tool
Information security
Info Accessibility
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