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EMS Advice Process

No description

Accessble IT

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of EMS Advice Process

Receives and actions referral.
Completes ASSESSMENT with person and identifies a
range of SOLUTIONS.
All done!!!
Once it has been established the person CAN BE CONSIDERED FOR EMS FUNDING and the Advice Consultation is complete, Assessor follows the relevant process for completing the Prioritisation Tool/ Service Request.
that the person is ELIGIBLE
the proposed solution is ESSENTIAL to meet the ACCESS CRITERIA
the solution meets a long term need and is VIABLE AND SUSTAINABLE
the proposed solution is COST EFFECTIVE
The process starts here!
provides Advice related to EMS funding.

This consultation occurs after the Assessor has completed their assessment, has a range of solutions in mind and has sought peer review/supervision or information from others as needed.
Step 1
acknowledges receipt of REQUEST FOR ADVICE in 2 working days, and provides an EMS Advice number (E0XXXXXX) for reference.
Requests for Advice are actioned* by
within 10 working days of receipt of the request for advice.

*Actioned refers to contact has been made with the EMS Assessor to begin work towards a suitable solution.
EMS ASSESSOR Establishes:
DO I ....?
Seek Mandatory Consultation
Should I seek EMS Advice BEFORE going to the Prioritisation Tool or Service Request.
EMS Advice Request Form - Email/Phone Advice for Equipment OR
EMS Advice Request Form - Email Advice for
Housing Modifications.
Advice request is ASSIGNED when an EMS Advisor or Processing Team Member makes phone or email contact with the Assessor.
Where contact has been unsuccessful within 2 attempts the EMS Assessor will be informed by email that the request is awaiting contact from the Assessor.
The Email EMS Advice Request Form enables the Assessor to provide additional information for more timely Advice.
Step 2
The EMS Advisor establishes contact and provides ADVICE.
The Advice and consultation might be;
straight-forward / non-complex and completed in one (or two) sessions.
complex and require more information and take more time.
Whilst the consultation is incomplete, the Advisor provides a record of the progress.
Once the Advice is complete, Advisor documents and emails the Assessor a copy of the Outcome Summary Report - status is Complete.
Step 3
Step 4
Complex housing modifications & review of plans
Combination equipment & housing
High cost complex/customised equipment
Housing Specialist, Housing Clinic meeting, Site Visit
Access Clinic Specialist
EMS Review Panel (clarification of policy, over $25,000)
MoE/MoH or ACC/MoH Joint Funding
Challenging Behaviours
Vehicle Purchase and joint Lottery Grants Vehicle modifications
Equipment consultations related to cost only
Basic housing modifications
Reissue, Band I and Preferred Product equipment
accessable 2015
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