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13 Colonies Introduction

No description

Lisa Lane

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of 13 Colonies Introduction

Colony Types
Colony Type_
Proprietary Colony
Description: Colonies that were granted to an individual or group by the British crown and that were granted full rights of self-government.

Colony Type__
Charter Colony
Description: A charter is a written grant of authority and power given to an individual or a company. So, a charter colony is a colony that has been charted to an individual or company.

Colonial Governments
Each colony had a
who served as head of the government. In some colonies the people also elected
(people who represented all the
in their area of a colony) to help make laws and set policy (called the
). They had town meetings which is about people talking about and decided on an issues of
interest, such as paying for schools.
Who Came to the New World?
Indentured Servant: a person who came to America and was placed under
to work for another over a period of time, usually

Slaves: They were
to come
Religious Groups Who Came were:
Puritans: a member of a group of
that arose in the 16th century within the Church of England, demanding the simplification of doctrine and worship, and greater strictness in religious discipline. During part of the 17th century the Puritans became a powerful
party. Puritans looked to the teachings of John
, who taught that only a few people had been chosen by God to be
Colony Types Con't
Colony Type___
Royal Colony
Description: A royal colony is a settlement that is under the rule of a king or queen from a different country.

Colony Type__
Joint-Stock Company
Description: A business that is owned by many people. These people bought stock in the company so they were part owners as stock owners

Religious Groups Con't
Pilgrims: a person who journeys, especially a
distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion. Many were members of the
religion. They came to the New World to escape the religion in

Quakers: Quakers are members of the Religious Society of
, a faith that emerged as a new
denomination in England during a period of religious turmoil in the mid-1600's. One of the teachings that separated Friends from other Christian groups was their belief that the “
Inner Light
” was attached to all human souls. As such, all people could come to know the will of
13 Colonies Introduction
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