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America's First Oil Well

The Most Important event in the 1850's

Dylan Bradford

on 12 March 2012

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Transcript of America's First Oil Well

America's First Oil Well The most important event of the 1850's By: Dylan B., Kyle E.,
Eli K., and Gacob L. The Question What is the most important event in the 1850's and why? Finished Background Information Drilled in Titusville, PA
Known as the Drake Well (Named after "Colonel" Edwin Drake who was responsible for its making)
Began the international search for oil and changed the way we live today
Much of the energy consumed in the U.S. comes from fossil fuels The Hypothesis If we were to compare all the events of 1850's, then the construction of the first U.S. oil well will seem to be the most important to the majority of Americans. The Experiment (Comparison) By unamimous vote of members of our group, we determined the Transcontinental Railroad Survey to be the second most important event in the 1850's.
In order to prove that the first oil well is the most important we will compare its lasting effects to those of the railroad survey. Transcontinental Railroad Survey The First Oil Well This was a series of explorations in Western America to search for a railroad route to connect the country. This was the first step in a major railroad constuction that would revolutionize early America. Trains were a relatively knew technology and a very efficient way to transport people all over the country. Never before had there been such a transportation system. The goal was to establish a railroad system that would link the Mississippi River with the Pacific Ocean. Such a railroad would greatly link the United States. Not only this, but the railroad provided postal routes. Without trucks and planes, mail services and transportation was very limited before trains were put to use. There is no doubt that trains (especially the major railroad system connecting to the west coast) revolutionized the lives of early Americans. Thus, making this particular survey very important. When taking a closer look at the effects of the first oil well, it is easy to see that it is vital to our history. The oil industry is one of the largest industries to date. To think that it all started with the Drake Well (in the US) really places some historic significance on the well. In this decade, oil was used for burning lamps. Today, people use oil everyday. Petroleum Oil is used in the production of everything from gasoline to plastics. Oil is used to run small engines, produce plastic products, fuel vehicles, and produce energy. In fact, roughly 40% of all energy consumtion in the U.S. comes from oil. Oil is also used in trains, to make engines more efficient by lubricating the parts. In addition, oil has made possible the use of personal vehicles for transportation. Trains are not nearly as common a way of transportation as cars are today. The Conclusion When you look at the facts and lasting effects of each event. A majority of people will form the opinion that the oil is more important than other events at that time because of the lasting effects it had on society. Such as the beginning of the oil industry. Oil today is used in nearly ALL major sources of transportation. The world without oil would be very different. The most important event of the 1850's (considered by most people) was the constuction of the Drake Oil Well in Titusville, PA (the first succesful oil well in the United States). Its crude oil product quickly transformed into one of the most important resources on Earth. YAY!
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