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Moving to France

No description

Keke mmmxka

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Moving to France

Moving to France
Madea moves to France
Ohlla or on NO!!!!!

Madea is a Real - Estate Agent!!!!!!!!!
Good or Bad Is Madea Changing???? It Goes from Good to Bad
Just like that!!!! Is Madea going to do the right thing ?? Is Madea going to change from the mean ,crazy ,funny ,and violence person we all love? Is she gonna become an nice, non violence person? Madea is kind of gonna change because in this story she isn't as violent as she is in her other movies and she's actually going to be nice to this middle aged couple she is actually going to care about their feeling and she is actually going to try her best to sell them this house. So Madea is going to change for the better. Madea decides that she wasn't going to sell the Middle aged couple the house.No not because she gets a better offer.The reason why she isnt going to sell them the house is because The husband and his wife got into an argument in Madea tried to help the wife out,and the husband got an attitude with madea in they started arguing so madea decided that she wasnt going to sell them there dream house,and they had no way back to the hotel.So there stranded in France with no where to live and no reliable transportation. Is Madea going to change her mind about not selling the Middle age couple the house? Yes Madea is finally going to change her mind after the husband call her and apoligize but that still doesnt work actually she raises the price of the house and she makes him apoligize to his wife. In this stoy Madea is an Real Estate Agent,and she has to sell an house to an middle age couple moving from the United States of America to France. Madea has to help this couple out and actually be nice normally she is only an family oriented person but not in this story. In this story she actually has to be nice instead of being violence like usally.
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