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IE Business School Application Express Yourself Presentation

No description

Imraan Mirza

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of IE Business School Application Express Yourself Presentation

IE Business School Application
Express Yourself Presentation
Imraan Mirza

The Leader: Geoffrey W. Griffin OGH, MBS, OBE
Starehe Boys' Centre & School
Main Aspects &
Leadership Traits
Early Life
Straight after leaving school, Dr Griffin joined the Survey of Kenya, and then the King's African Rifles
After serving briefly during the Emergency (Mau Mau Uprising), he did not re-enlist, choosing instead to participate in attempts to rehabilitate former Mau Mau fighters released from detention camps
Centre for Children
Dr Griffin was awarded:
MBS (Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear) by President Kenyatta in 1970
MGH (Moran of the Order of the Golden Heart) by President Moi in 1986
Appointed an Officer in the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002
Lifetime Achievement Award by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) in 2005.

Starehe in Kiswahili means ”be at ease”
Founded in November 1959 (with the help of the  Geoffrey Geturo and Joseph Gikubu)
Two huts erected in July 1959 served as dormitories for the first orphans
Mission Statement: Starehe “…aims at offering homely support and a holistic education founded on strong principles of discipline, character formation and leadership development.”
Starehe aims to provide educational opportunities to bright needy boys
FREE boarding and tuition is awarded to about 180 disadvantaged boys annually (70% of the schools intake)
Overseas supporters (such as Save the Children Fund and Oxfam), and various trusts, foundations and charitable bodies help to build and cover the running costs of the Centre by sponsoring individual students
Starehe is uniquely run, with student leadership and management . The running of the School outside the classrooms is mainly by the school prefects

Round Square
A worldwide association of schools which share a commitment beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility.
Six pillars (IDEALS) of Round Square are:
Achieve personal development and responsibility through exchanges, work projects, community service and adventure
Voluntary Service
Students sacrifice their holidays to undertake a 3 or 4 week service free of charge
The student can do any kind of work; ranging from cleaning ,  wheeling patients in hospitals, filing documents in offices, entering data in computer systems etc.
By December 2010 the Voluntary Service Scheme had completed 44 consecutive years of Voluntary Labour given to communities across Kenya
Resilient & Resourceful
Dr Griffin used whatever resources he had to make his goals successful in the early days setting up the school
He was always creatively working on improving the school and finding the resources to do this with (sponsors)
This is a similarity I have with Dr Griffin - I am able to creatively find ways to attain goals and take pitfalls in my stride
IE Brown MBA will help me work out better means to be creative and resourceful
Supportive, Trusting & Delegates
Starehe was run by the students as Dr Griffin believed it best to trust people to have responsibility to lead and coach each other (with guiding principles)
When he delegated responsibility, he also delegated authority
Young people were trusted to nurture, mentor and develop each other
I trust that most individuals are motivated by this
No one can accomplish all tasks alone; appropriate delegation is necessary
At times, I am more apprehensive to completely delegate and remain patient and need to improve my skills in managing this appropriately

There are only two rules Dr Griffin had for Starehe:
1. A Starehian respects authority and is dutiful, polite and considerate of other peoples' feelings. He keeps himself clean and smart
2. Anything that is contrary to decency, good manners and common sense is contrary to the rules of the school.
He lived by these principles and values and all students are widely respected in Kenya for exuding this
Losing your ethical bearing could be most detrimental to a team and to achieving your goals
Integrity is a value, not just a belief. I and my team are always clear on my expectations in this regard
His attention turned to the children orphaned by the Emergency
He started a rescue centre, out of which grew Starehe Boys’ Centre and School
He was also the founding director of the National Youth Service (NYS)
Both NYS and Starehe are probably the most successful youth empowerment programmes in Kenya today
I have learnt many leadership traits and styles from Dr Griffin and know that aspiring to his level will take a lot more work on my part.

Continually improving, aspiring and being resilient are formidable personal attributes that need coupling with optimism, flexibility, trust and empathy to successfully deliver any team efforts.

Parting thought written above a Starehe doorway:
"From those to whom much has been given, much will be required"

Collaborative, Decisive & Confident
Collaboration was a cornerstone. Weekly 'Baraza' meetings where all students attend and are free to respectfully question, challenge and make suggestions
Everyone owned the school mission and worked together to deliver
Captains were there to receive feedback and decide on suggestions
Confidence is built when you know you can stand up to scrutiny
A good leader knows that feedback facilitates improvement
In similarity to Dr Griffin, these principles remain entrenched in everything I do
Dr Griffin held daily assembly, weekly 'Baraza' with all student and weekly 'Cabinet' meetings with his leadership team. Sessions were two-way and active listening was key
Working with students from all over the country and regular visits from dignitaries to the school - incredible speaker
Each session held with different audience and different mediums required skill, tact and clarity
I am a confident technical and non-technical communicator through all mediums
Communication styles and modes are changing requiring new competencies. IE Brown MBA will aid me in developing new and honing current skills

1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mau_Mau_Uprising#State_of_Emergency
2) http://www.stareheboyscentre.ac.ke/index.php/about-us/mission
3) http://www.roundsquare.org/
4) http://www.stareheboyscentre.ac.ke/index.php/voluntray-service-scheme
E. Describe the most outstanding leader you have worked with. Indicate some aspects of the way you work that are similar to the way this leader works and others that are different.
As a student at Starehe Boys' Centre & School, I spent 4 years rising in ranks as a prefect and in my later years spent a significant amount of time working directly with Dr Griffin and the prefect team in running elements of the school.

As Sub-prefect then Prefect in my second year, I was learning the ways of leadership from senior prefects and colleagues
In my third year I was a Senior House Prefect responsible for other prefects and learnt about integrity, humility and delegation
In my final year I was a Captain of a Day House where integrity and motivation were key
Optimism & Initiative
There was always a positive energy from Dr Griffin
The entire purpose of his efforts was uplifting
Being empathetic and taking initiative is reassuring and inspiring
We all want to work with or for someone we perceive to be genuine and positive
I am pragmatic and sometimes this can be misconstrued as negativity. I should adapt language and accentuate positives to reach the levels of Dr Griffin
Creativity and new skills from IE Brown MBA will deliver these attributes in me and help me find new passions
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