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No description

Rachel Jin

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of MY LIFE MAP

My Fabulous Travels
I've been on plenty of trips in my lifetime, but my favorites have been a debate camp at Stanford and a road trip to Disneyland!
My Life Map!
I have been told that I was a sweet but noisy toddler. One time, my mom had to feed me 10 times in one night because I was crying so much! Good times.
Fun Childhood Memories!
School has obviously been a huge part of my life: from meeting my best childhood friend to switching schools twice to transitioning to the pressures of high school, it has been a wild ride!
Being born!
I was brought into the world on April 9, 1998, and my parents were
to have a new baby girl in the family! I was born in Jiang Su, China, my mother's hometown.
My Early Years
My first ever plane trip was a
journey to Vancouver, BC, Canada! I was only 3 years old when I traveled here and I am still enjoying life in the best city on Earth!
Moving to Canada!
When I was 5, I started my first day of preschool. Though the memories are blurry,
I am pretty sure I cried on my first day.
Preschool was a time of finger-painting, crafts, indoor playgrounds, and puzzles!
I still keep in touch with 2 kids from my preschool!
First Day of Pre-School!
Learning to Ride A Bike!
Biking is one of my
favorite activities
today, but my first bike ride at age 6 sure was rocky.
My dad was the one who taught me to ride a bike
(a bright pink one to be exact) and I still remember him chasing me down the street because
I was scared I would fall off the bike on my own.

Debate Camp - Stanford 2011
Another one of the coolest summer experiences I have had was traveling to
for a two week
debate camp
at Stanford University. I
learned so much
and I'm still super
debating and public speaking
Disneyland 2007!
One of my
summer trips was taking a road trip all the way down to
in California with my parents and one of my
best childhood friends
. I am still
of the
rides, shows, and overall atmosphere of Disneyland that I got to enjoy with my favorite people.
my dear.
to High School
My first day of kindergarten at Dr. George M. Weir School was
quite intimidating
. I had
no idea what to expect
, but it turned out to be a great first day as
I met my closest elementary school friend, Joanna
. Some highlights of elementary school were:
woodworking class
with my favorite elementary school teacher,
Mr. Dawes,
school president
in grade 7, and every single
break when my friends and I played cops and robbers, red rover, and grounders.
My childhood was
full of fond memories
, including learning to ride a bike. I will never forget those
wonderful experiences
and I am
so thankful to my parents
for giving me those opportunities and for teaching me everything I know!
High School was a
scary thought
at first, especially because I would be leaving my elementary friends and moving to an all girls school. The first term of grade 8 was a little
because I had to meet a lot of new people and get used to the increased academic level at Crofton House. However, I made it through that year with my great family, teacher, and friend
support system
and the clubs that helped me meet people with the same interests as me! Now in grade 10, I am so
for the next 3 years to try and figure out what I want to do in the future.
Summer of 2013, I got my
first real job
as a camp counselor for a special needs camp at Dunbar Community Centre. It was a
8 weeks but it was a very
and I learned a ton from it. During this school year, I will be working as an art therapy teacher and a dance fitness leader for special needs youth. I am really enjoying working in these two weekly programs so far!
A Bully
There were some
times in grades 1 to 3 when I got
by a girl a year older than me at my daycare who made lists of people she
and came up with
rude nicknames
for them. I was
that she moved to China after grade 3 and I got over that after a while because of the
positive energy and encouragement
from my friends around me, especially Joanna. Bullying is unacceptable and very
Since that experience, I always watch what I personally say to others and never take for granted the friends who
support me and make me feel more confident and happy!
Switching Schools
After grade 5, I
switched schools
to Laura Secord for the late french immersion program. After grade 6, my family moved houses, so I switched schools again to General Gordon Elementary to finish the french immersion program there. It was a little
leaving my friends behind and starting over, but it gave me the chance to meet some pretty

First Job!
My Bucket List!
Ride a hot air balloon!
Ride an elephant!










Ride the

London Eye!
Get a puppy!

(but really, it's only the beginning...)
= Ups
= Downs
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