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No description

Carmen Muñoz

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of SIAO-UAH

Strategic Alliances for Positive Teacher Training by Effective Mentoring
Division of Didactic Material, Evaluation and Assessment for TEFL Processes
1.- Controlled observation for data gathering: personal interviews, direct class-observation, portfolio analysis.
Division of International Testing and Professional Development
Division of Research
Effective Mentoring and Early Training for the Quality and Equity of Education
The Best of Us
My father says that we should learn from birds: they take the best from the North and the best form the South.
2.- Reflection: learning logs, group discussions, data analysis.
3.- Action: projects, adopting, adapting, manufacturing, and monitoring use of didactic material and assessment processes.
Margarita Villar
Cleaning Lady
Ma Eliana Valenzuela
Jaime Laso
Financial Manager
Olivers Flores
Academic Director
Flat Stanley
Topic Speech: Teacher Appreciation
LAB Stations
Oral Production: Poems and Plays
Proceso de Selección y Perfil de Egreso Estudiante SIAO
Planes y Programas MINEDUC
Manual de Convivencia

-The English Assistants Project

-Class Observation course
-TEFL Diplomas, Class Observation courses, MA, and others.
The English Fair - The English Week
The World Book Day Project: A Very Special Person at School
Students with special needs
-Integrate ELABs and Academic Research (Thesis) with other áreas:
Educación Diferencial,
Psicología, Derecho, Antropología, Humanidades, Matemática, Educación Parvularia, Filosofía, Sociología, and others.
Tamara Pérez
The Ignatian Text
of EFL

The English Assistants Project
SIAO Teachers:
-Perform both, the opening and closing routine.
-Use a limited number of classroom expressions and commands.
-Conduct an action (function) in the context of their particular area .
Non-Language Subject Projects
Religion Projects: Prayers & Songs
-The Guardian Angel
-St Ignatious
-Hail Mary
-St Patrick's Prayer
-The Lord's Prayer
-Glory Be
-Grace before/after meals
-The Apostle's Creed
-My Lord What a Morning

The things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. Aristotle
CLIL. Content Language Integrated Learning. an approach in which a foreign language is used as a tool in the learning of a non-language subject in which both language and the subject have a joint role.
Integration of Teachers of non-language subjects to improve and deepen learning processes and experiences for students and teachers.
UAH students:
-Design and implement, in English, a project on the non-language subject assigned.
-Participate in, at least, one Parents Interview and one Parents Meeting, collaborating and having brief inteventions.
-Collaborate with tasks related to Lead Teaching (Consejo de Curso, Formación de la Persona, among others).

Dramaturgia Académica
Stanislavsky's Method and the Emotional Memory.
H. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Model.
Equipo de 30 Estudiantes
-Práctica I & II
-Internet & Power Points
-Paymet for replaced classes
Benefits of CLIL
-Self confidence
-Adds purpose to Language Learning

H. Maturana's Autopoiesis Theory -Emotion and Language.
Science Projects
-Eco Brick.
-Poster Presentations for a Science Fair.
Philosophy English Debates
El fin último de esta educación ignaciana es el desarrollo integral y armónico de toda la persona y de todas las personas. Queremos ayudar al crecimiento de seres humanos (...) competentes, capaces de aprender, desaprender y reaprender, hábiles para hacer y transformar, capaces de dialogar, de proponer y de incidir, agentes de cambio y de progreso, con cantidad y variedad de recursos personales para servir (P.E. Nº 40).
Coordinador de Proyecto
-Curso de observación y retroalimentación de aula
-Certificación CELTA
-36 hours per week.
Teacher Training
TEFL Consultancy
Engish & Organic Culture
-TEFL Portfolio development and revision (Lesson planning, Didactic material, assessment and evaluation instruments).

-Program development.
ELAB + Practicum UAH TEFL trainees + SIAO TEFL Staff training

-Classroom Management

-Lesson Planning

-Material Development

-Assessment and Evaluation

-Language Awareness
-Cooking’n English
12 sessions, max. 8 Ss, one different dish prepared each session to celebrate one different member of the community, chosen by the cooks.

-Biking’n English
12 sessions, max. 8 Ss, one different procedure developed each class. Final exhibition: Ss offer diagnosis and basic repairment for the bikes of the members of the Community.

-Growing’n English: + Science (probiotic developed by García+Jacob)
12 sessions
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