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Language Arts Welcome

A first day powerpoint for 8th Grade English Class

Rebecca Velikaneye

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Language Arts Welcome

8th Grade English
Mrs. Velikaneye
Room 804
Periods 1, 2, 3 & 6

I am here to teach; you are here to learn. I will do my job; you will do yours, and together we will utilize this year wisely and beneficial.
In order for all of us to get the most out of this year, there are some rules and procedures that we must follow.
A positive attitude is key to a successful year. Let's keep it all the time.
A procedure is the way we do things.
In order to do things right, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example:
To open your locker, you have to select your combination as directed by the lock manufacturer.
To place a call on your phone, you need to enter the number in the right order.
So, to be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures.
Make sure you have all materials for this class.
As you enter the room, start using your indoor/classroom voices.
Pick up any bellwork handouts off of the student table.
Find your seat quickly and quietly.
Turn any assignments to the basket.
Start the bellwork (This will be on the back whiteboard ).
Before Class Procedure
Make sure you read or listen to the directions about your work and understand them.
If you didn’t understand, ask help from other students sitting around you. If they also don’t understand, ask to the teacher to explain it.
If you are asked to help, be polite and kind and offer your best.
Talking to each other should be no louder than a whisper. The person sitting on the other side of the room should not be interrupted by your noise.
Respect each other and be friendly.
Use your time wisely. Put forth your best effort to finish your work on time.
When You're Working
If you finish group or individual work early, please take out a book to read or work on homework.
This should be done quietly.
Please allow your classmates to finish their work without disruption; out of respect.
If You Finish Early
Clean your work area and take all garbage to the trash can.
There will be no bells this year. I will have an alarm.
Wait for Mrs. Velikaneye to dismiss you.
After you get permission to leave, push in your chair and leave quietly.
Come in before or after school.
Get the assignment off of the absent calendar on the student table.
If you have questions or need to make up a test or quiz, come in and ask Mrs. Velikaneye for help.
IF You Are Absent
Classroom Rules
1. Be prepared for class.
2. Always act and speak in an appropriate manner.
3. Be respectful to the adults and your classmates.
4. Abide by the Student Handbook.
8th Grade English Syllabus
I graduated from the University of Wyoming.
My husband's name is DJ.
We have a 4 month old named Aiden.
I graduated from Campbell County High School in Gillette, Wyoming.
I am excited to start working with you.
Mrs. Velikaneye
I will be available in the classroom from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on A days.
On B days I will be here in the morning; however, I will be at the high school after school.
You or your parents can also contact me by phone or email
Contact Information
a 1 1/2" or 2" binder (working folder)
5 tabbed dividers
a 3-pronged folder (portfolio)
Loose-leaf paper
a red pen
jump drive
You will need....
Our second unit will look at the challenge of creating a utopia.
The first half of this unit will focus on this novel.
You will need to purchase a copy of this book before the class starts Embedded Assessment 1.2
You can get a new copy of this book at the WMS library or you may purchase a used copy of this book from Mrs. Velikaneye.
If there is a problem obtaining any of these materials, please come see Mrs. Velikaneye.
The Giver
I am here to help you succeed.
Let's succeed together
have a great school year!
When you come in the room you are to quietly find the Bellwork in the START box for your class and complete the assigned work.
This will be either grammar or spelling related.
All work will have a due date posted at the front of the room.
The assignment needs to be turned in before 4pm on the day that it is due.
If the work is not turned in...
The following day you will receive an N for Work Habits.
One week later you will be docked 10%
Two weeks later it will remain a zero permanently

Additional Resources
We will be using many other resources in our class including:
Google Classroom Suite
Class Website
SpringBoard Digital
iPads and Chromebooks
Many other research tools
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