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No description

Jillana Enteen

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SNAPCHAT

We all know what Snapchat is...
Making Sexting a "Snap"
The "safe sexting app" for its chief audience... 13 to 23-year-olds
Making a Lasting Impression
...but how did it start?
Part of the App's claim, and much of its appeal, is that the images are supposed to be temporary, but in reality the evidence suggests otherwise
The first major media coverage about snapchat revolved around its "sexting" aspects
apple warning of "mild sexual content or nudity"
"adding friction in a second-to-second environment - like sexting- can be very powerful"
helps people do what they "probably shouldn't do" on a smartphone
The Controversy

goes into sexting among teenagers...
"Future Freshman" becomes Toyopa Group LLC. and Picaboo is patented as a licensed product under Toyopa Group.

Reggie Brown never had equity under Toyopa...and therefore has no claim for the product.

A lawsuit is still ongoing.

Stanford/Silicon Valley's very own Facebook saga
In the summer of 2010, Evan Spiegel was a rising sophomore and Bobby Murphy was a rising senior at Stanford.

They were working an app, Future Freshman, to help give people advice who were applying to college...the idea never took off.

In April 2011, Brown, who was close
friends with Evan Spiegel, came up
with the idea of a disappearing
message application.

"Girls 18+ snap me. Any snaps will do. You lead by example. If its not naughty pics that you wanna see then don't send them. But if you do I will match. Snap for snap"
The app was initially called

Wanting ladies to snap me. 26 m here
Or looking for wives gf. Ex. Daughters. Sisters. Moms
Username is. Anotherhampster
Will snap back ;)
Guys, hit me on x_8 to trade usernames for GIRLS who send nudes.. I've got a few but always keen for more!
Snapchat Stats
Teens and Sexting
Evan Spiegel was "unable to comment"
48% of Teens have received a sexually suggestive message
39% of teens have sent a sext
11% of girls age 13 to 16 have sent nude or semi nude photos
17% of recipients say they have passed the images along to someone else
Legal consequences
Snapchats containing of minors can be considered child pornography

State laws vary
Illinois has explicit sexting laws (for minors)

This includes possession, distribution, and promotion (taking the picture
FBI reports that pedophiles have been using the app to lure young victims, promising that the pictures will go away

Between December and May of last year, the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children received 33 Cyber Tip Reports that specifically referenced Snapchat.

This past August, Alexander Joseph Taylor, a high school teacher from Oregon, was arrested for his distribution of lewd photos to a 16 year old student

Very simple method of getting around the notification that the person took a screenshot
Can buy "snap hack" for $1 and never have it show up
The photos aren't actually "deleted"! There are ways to find them stored in files on your phone
People can manipulate the .NOMEDIA extension that prevents them from being viewed
Circumventing the ephemeral
Crossing Platforms
Do it yourself!
For Android Users:
Restore phone to computer
Look through file system
Search for .NOMEDIA extension and remove it
For iPhone Users:
iFile app [$]
Var -> Mobile -> Application
Search for right file [Videos]
The Fine Print: Making Connections
Issues of privacy: Does the receiver of the snap have the right to show it to whomever once in their possession?
Readings about ExRevenge sites and how Snapchat photos could be used for more malicious sites
Is notifying the sender they've been screenshotted enough? Why not find a way to disable screenshot functionality?









works cited
Before June 2013, users under the age of 2013 were unable to use the products of SnapChat. They then released an update to their policy and a new update to the app that is kid friendly.

"Instead they are able to use 'SnapKidz' a version of Snapchat that includes an interface for taking snaps, captioning, drawing, and saving them locally on the device, but does not support sending or receiving snaps or adding friends," the company said in a news release.
Circumventing the problem
A Parent's Guide:
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