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Digital footprint

describes digital footprints and tells what it is

harls pretzel

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Digital footprint

A digital footprint is when people who use T.V or mobile phones and of course the internet. A digital footprint is like a data base that holds all your history on your online presence, it can also find out where you are and your location and when you last logged in on any website or e-mail address and when you last logged out.
You leave a digital footprint by logging on websites and by posting comments and pictures online even if you put on privacy mode.You can also leave a digital foot print by posting inappropriate and appropriate things on websites and e-mails.

-our smarts
Like most of the soon to be graduates nearing the end of their university career, it has been highly recommended that I not only create a professional profile on corporate social networking sites such as Linkedin, but that I also carefully monitor and consider what I post on the other social networking sites that I use such as Facebook and Twitter.
Who can see your online activities and where can it be seen,well it can be seen by everyone and it can be seen anywhere in the globe no matter where you are even in the ocean.
harley parenteau - Google+


harley parenteau - mission bc - hatzic secondary.harley hasn't shared anything with you. People are more likely to share with you if you add them to your ...
Picasa Web Albums - harley parenteau - Picasa Web Albums - Google
Sep 11, 2012 – Photos - Google+. Click here to go back to Picasa Web Albums. Join Google+. Share the right things with just the right people. harley ...
Harley Parenteau | Facebook
www.facebook.com/harley.parenteauHarley Parenteau is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Harley Parenteau and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and ...
Harley parenteau - YouTube
www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtHOUykcd2qJXCMFLBg_NQ?...harley parenteau uploaded a video 2 days ago. 0:33. Watch Later ... by harley parenteau. Date Joined Jan 25, 2013. Country Canada .
-police can track
criminal activity
-people can track
cyber bullying
-people track your internet history
-random people know you
-online predators
-people know your personal stuff
i didn't know that

whats next?
thats alot of words
this is so cool
i don't know what to say
what are you doing here

i don't, know i'm sad
the video was my favorite
my friends go there Harley and Mac
Theres more on the next slide
which one


I looked to sea if I had a digital footprint and it showed a few of my email acounts and it would show it on the next slide and some on this one
These are parts of my digital footprint
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