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Resort & Recreations Management

rosemay0524@yahoo.com #SWF #Hotel #Resort #Beach #Recreation #Baur Au Lac #Animation #Skiing #Vacation

Rose May Cecilia Quismundo

on 3 December 2016

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Transcript of Resort & Recreations Management

Resort Management
Recreations Management
Daryl Ace V. Cornell
Word ‘recreation’ stems from the Latin recreatio, ‘restoration to health’
Recreation is viewed as a life-enhancing experience, which is the outcome of freely chosen activity
What is this thing called recreation?
Heightened or reduced sensitivity to temperature, color and smell
Anticipation and Expectation
Escape: Getting away from it all
Time distortion: "time stood still", an hour seemed like a minute
Novelty: The sense of 'for the first time' Brings freshness and uniqueness
Feeling a part of nature: Beauty and awe
Improved self image: 'In the end we all experience only ourselves'
Relaxation, including release of social convention and personal demands
Self-testing, challenge, and achievement, competence and self worth
Communion: love, friendship and identification with a group
Compound of building and facilities located in a scenic area, providing lodging, entertainment and a relaxing environment for people on vacation
Roots of the resort concept can be traced to them.
Aquae Sulis – Waters of the sun
Health and Social Purposes
Activities During Winter
Colin Le Loup
Belgian Ironmaster who was cured of a long term illness by the iron-rich waters of a spring, built what we now call as the Spa.
SPA – Sanus Per Aquam (Health by/through Water)
Thermae – large scale spa
Laconica – hot air baths
Frigidarium - a large cold pool at the Roman baths
Romans' Bath

Sauna - (Finland) small room or building designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these facilities .

Kneipp Therapy is a form of hydrotherapy (water therapy) that was created by the Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897).
Let's go to spa. Paris Hilton is there.
Mass Follows Class
Two Reasons why Resorts Proliferated
Aphrodisiac – arousing sexual desire
Endorsement of the Medical Profession
Opened by
Johannes Baur
First Summer Resort
Bains de Monaco
Le Mont Charles (Monte Carlo)
This resort became famous because of its offered guest activity during the summer season
North America – East States
East Virginia
West Virginia
New York
Introspection, sorting out of life experience
release from sensory overload
and communication with oneself
Atlantic City – America’s first resort city
Observation Roundabout
Summer Operation
Instrumental in laying railroads in America
Henry Flagler
Elegant marble
Carved walnut furniture in private rooms
A pitcher and bowl and free cake of soap in each guestroom
Gaslight instead of candles
French cuisine and silver table service that included forks
Bellboys to handle guest luggage
An “annunciator”
The forerunner of many upgraded facilities that can be found in a resort hotel
Saratoga Springs, New York
White Sulphur Springs
Worthy Husband
Skiing and Tobogganing
added skiing in 1959
Colorado State
and Golf Packages
Japan, Western Europe – Social Tourism
Corporate Resort – owned and operated by a major company to provide vacations to white collar workers.
This concept was popularized by the RICH & FAMOUS
20th Century
Jet Travel
Thank You!
First Amusement Pier
Resort Cities
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