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Development and Delivery of Online Courses: Supporting STEM Faculty as They Transition to Online Teaching

Sloan-C International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for Online Learning Presentation, July 2012

Sarah Dysart

on 9 April 2016

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Transcript of Development and Delivery of Online Courses: Supporting STEM Faculty as They Transition to Online Teaching

Online Teaching Initiative challenges WORKSHOPS
I-V cohorts individual
meetings whole group
online meetings whole group
training Reconceptualizing New Technologies policy
issues problem-solving based lectures lack of body language lack of models homework & exams group work skepticism from peers Adobe Connect iTunes U Bb 9 tablets/pens peer
meetings Bb features sharing ideas features of Adobe Connect strategies for handing synchronous communication group work mobi tablet desktop sharing
with Adobe Connect Bb 9 training practicing live meetings solving problems in
Adobe Connect practicing roles hands-on practice homework & exams no prior exposure training on good teaching practices should be available to everyone
working with/learning from other instructors was very helpful
immediate response from support was crucial
technology glitches were annoying
policy issues need to be addressed
"totally changed the way I teach" generally pleased with courses
expected/were understanding of tech glitches
enjoyed online format due to flexibility instructors students Development and Delivery of Online Courses: Sarah Dysart
Coordinator of Learning Technologies
Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy
Loyola University Chicago Dr. Maria Udo
Associate Professor, Physics
College of Arts & Sciences
Loyola University Chicago Supporting STEM Faculty as They Transition to Online Teaching Online @ Loyola Social Work Pastoral
Studies Education Nursing Summer
Initiative critical thinking skills initial meeting with faculty face-to-face training time
student participation & feedback
students asked questions!
student "ownership"
got to know students' minds online
certificate feedback/
evaluations workshop/
cohort training staff need something sustainable
should be modeling best practices
instructors need experience as online students summer courses
in session instructor
experience assessments assignments quizzes tests/exams multiple choice simple calculations
Short answers problem
solving MasteringPhysics Blackboard timed Blackboard proctored timed Questions? Sarah Dysart sdysart@luc.edu
@sarahdysart Maria Udo mudo@luc.edu presentation URL: http://goo.gl/m5Y4O Dr. Maria Udo discusses
FCIP's training initiative Extended example of an
online physics lecture
(13 minutes) Dr. Maria Udo discusses
assessment in her online
course Additional Resources Changes to the course online teaching
certificate syllabus face-to-face workshop outlines evolution of training
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