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Top ten things to do in the summer

No description

James Frye

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Top ten things to do in the summer

My 4th favorite thing to do is go fishing
i like to go fishing. I especially like to catch catfish. i like to have competitions with my dad.
My 2nd favorite thing to do is to play Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 is my favorite thing to do because I can play with my friends. It is a cool war game where you can play conquest,rush, and many more. There are lots of maps so you never get bored. My family plays too.
My 3rd favorite thing to do in the summer is play Skyrim.
Skyrim my second favorite thing to do in the summer because it is a bloody game. I also like to play war games. I also love dragons and in Skyrim you get to ride and kill them.
My 5th favorite thing to do in summer is to go to Canada
My 8th favorite thing is to go to Worlds of Fun
I like to go to world of fun because I like the Halloween theme and the roller coasters.
Top Ten Things to do in the Summer
By James Frye

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i like to go to Canada because i get to met new people. I also get to play new things.
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My 6th favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the Great Wolf Lodge
I like to go to the Great Wolf Lodge because i get to go on water slides and meet people.
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My 7th favorite thing to do is go to Oceans of Fun
I like to go to Oceans of Fun because they have a big swimming pool with a wave machine
My 1st favorite thing to do is play Pro Street
I have always had a talent for playing video games. I have been a natural at racing games. I like Pro Street because it has very good graphics.
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My 9th favorite thing to do is go to Missouri
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My 10th favorite thing to do is go boating/camping
I like to go to Missouri because I get to see family and go hunting.
I like to go to build my own fire. I also like to be with my dog Toby.
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