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Aaron johnson

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of anestheologist

And Stuff Anesthesiologist Anesthesiologist Education And Salary 5 Great Things An Anesthesiologist is a person who diagnoses and treats any medical problems that may happen during and after the surgery. They diagnose and treat any complications during surgery. They also put you to sleep so you wont feel anything the surgery. - Doctorate in anesthesiology
- All that college pays off though because on average you earn $245,200 dollars your first year and up to $350,000 dollars as you progress in your career. 1. You can earn big bucks.
2. You will have a higher learning ability.
3. You have job security.
4. You get the satisfaction of helping people.
5. During long surgeries you can read a book when waiting Nature of Work In order to be an anesthesiologist you have to excel incredibly in school, must remain calm in all situations. Also you work mostly in hospitals 5 Bad things 1. Spend alot of time at college
2.Hectic work hours.
3.Work in hospitals around sick people.
4.Take super hard classes throughout school.
5. Have to be nice to everyone
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