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The Rule Of Names

No description

Hannah R

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The Rule Of Names

The Rule Of Names
Plot Overview
There was definitely something off about this story, like something is missing.
Don't Judge a Book by its Cove
Word Choice
In this story, the author uses descriptive words to allow the reader know more about the story and the characters.

Example #1:
Each breath shot out of his

as a
double puff of steam
in the morning sunshine.

Example #2: But where the trees had stood
a sudden
cataract leaped from the hillside
, an
arch of silvery crashing water, thundering down upon the fire.
But the fire was gone....
The Rule Of Names
By: Ursula le Guin

Point Of View
The author of this short story writes in second and third person. She writes as a narrator that talks the reader through the story as he or she reads and she also writes in second person to show communication and conversation between characters.
Author- Life
Ursula Kroeber was born and raised in 1929 in the town of Berkley, California.
Ursula attended both Radcliffe College and Columbia Univirsity. She married a man named Charles A. Le Guin in the city of Paris in the year 1953.
They then moved to Portland, Oregon where they have now lived since 1958. Ursula and Charles have 3 lovely children and 4 grandchildren.
Ursula's Writing Career
Ursula Le Guin has writen many works in the forms of poetry and in pose.
She has writen stories and poems in nearly every genre including science fiction, fantasy, books for young adults, and even children's books.
Some of her more poplular works are the six books of Earthsea, Catwings, and The Left Hand Of Darkness.
Ursula has written seven poetry books, twenty two novels, and over one hundred short stories.
Thanks For Watching!
Third Person
By using a third person point of view, the author is giving us important information about the plot and characters from an "all- knowing" source. This is especially helpful in this story because there are many characters that play important roles in the story that we may not even realize.
Second Person
By using a second person point of view in the story,the author is giving the readers an insight into the conversations and information being exchanged by the characters throughout the story.
This helps the reader gain information on the characters while also obtaining information and details about the story.

Black Beard and Yevaud Dueling

By Ursula LeGuin

: medicines used to heal
people or brews that supposedly
have magical powers.

Ex: I quickly rushed the
the weary old woman.

: a magical spell

Ex: The series of
finally took affect
: a skin disease of animals
that makes hair fall out.

Ex: The creatures were infected
by this nasty sickness,
Mr. Underhill (Yevaud):
: a musical instrument
of the accordion family.

Ex: She once played the
but those days were long ago.
: a large waterfall

Ex: He stood there, gazing on nature's beauties,
and the lucious
being the most beautiful.
Palani is a 20 year old young lady who is a little plump, but still pretty. She is illiterate, like most people on Sattins Island, but enjoys her time as school teacher. Often, on sunny days, she spends her time teaching the children of Sattins Island important life lessons... Such as "The Rule of Names."
The names

Mr. Underhill's name is symbolism because on top of the fact that he actually lives under a hill, we find out later that he is a dragon. Dragons are known for living in secluded, dark areas, like under a hill.
Black Beard also has a symbolic name because we learn that he uses black magic. He also turns out to be an evil wizard, and black is often associated with evil.
Mr. Underhill was underestimated and over looked. He's known as a under class wizard and a short, awkward, old man. He seems a little goofy but the reader never expected that he was a dragon. This reinforces the lesson that looks can be deceiving. We shouldn't judge someone right away because their outer appearance is not always what they are inside.
This story is about a wizard named Mr. underhill who lives under a hill on an island which is on the planet Earthsea. On this planet, you are the only one who is supposed to know your real name and if you are given your name by another person, your true form is revealed. Mr. Underhill is the name that the wizard was given by the people in his town. The story tells about a man called Black Beard who comes to the island. He claims that he is just a voyager, when really he's a man who was robbed of his wealth and riches by a dragon. He knows that Mr. Underhill knows where the stolen riches are, but what he doesn't know is that Mr. Underhill is secretly the dragon. During their battle, Black Beard reveals Mr.
Underhill's true name while he is in the form of a dragon. Black Beard is shocked when he finally realizes that Mr. Underhill was the dragon all along. Black Beard is then defeated and Yevaud ( Mr. Underhill) eats the inhabitants of his town.
Blackbeard is a wizard who comes to the town alone on a boat. He has a black scraggly beard and is looking for treasure that was lost from his ancestors long ago. When he goes to Mr.Underhill, he reveals that he used black magic to learn Mr.Underhill's real name.
Mr. Underhill is the main character the story. He's a short bulky wizard around the age of 50 who enjoys spending time isolated under a hill inside of his cave . This is why he was given the name "Underhill" by the people of the Sattins island. He only chooses to presents himself to other people as a wizard. The truth is, he is actually a dragon in disguise; which he only reveals when his true name, Yevaud, is spoken.
Birt is Goody Guld's nephew. He is a younger man who works as a fisherman on Sattins Island. Upon seeing the fight betweeen Blackbeard and Mr. Underhill he realized what Mr. Underhill was capable of doing. So, Birt is quick to grab Palani and make a quick get away on his boat.
"He was all the little island had in the way of a wizard, and so deserved respect-but
how could you respect

a little fat man of fifty
who waddled along with his toes turned in, breathing steam and smiling?"
breath shot out his nostrils
as a
double puff of steam
, snow-white in the morning sunshine."
"He did not come out, and the boys came to no harm, though they said you couldn't believe what a
huge hooting howling hissing horrible bellow
that a little fat man could make unless you heard it."
"He looked small and pitiful, with his
toes turned in as usual
, and his
little bowlegs in black tights
, and
no staff-he never had had one
, Birt suddenly thought."
"Somehow the minute spent watching Palani and
the children had made him very hungry."
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