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School presentation about Venus the Planet. Named after the roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus, who is the same as Aphrodite.

Berkeley McKinnon

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Venus

What does Venus' surface look like?
By Jane Griffin and Berkeley McKinnon
What's the weather like on Venus?
Where is Venus in the sky?
always near sun
can be first object you see when sun sets
can be seen before sun rise
brightest planet in sky
appears as yellow-white ball
How much bigger is Earth than Venus?
Earth's diameter 467 miles longer
Venus' diameter 95% of Earth's
Why can't Venus support life?
Why is Venus nicknamed Earth's twin or sister?
old atmosphere like Earth
had water (oceans)
carbon dioxide
What's special about Venus?
strong wind blows 2-4 mph
always hot and dry
surface is 870℉

Bye Bye!
spins backward (only planet that does this)
rotates east to west
243 Earth days = 1 Venusian day
225 Earth days = 1 Venusian year
brightest planet

Big Hole!

How much would I weigh on Venus?
Gravity similar to Earth
weigh 9% less than on Earth
feel lighter right away but die instantly

Is there water on Venus?
yes and no (there
water on Venus)
trace amounts of water found in thick atmosphere
extreme heat dries up water
all water is 3 centmenters
volcanoes blew up
greenhouse effect
sun comes in
hardly any escapes
made too hot to support life
What color is Venus?
bright white since covered in clouds
rocks different shades of grey
thick atmosphere filters sunlight-- looks red
yellowish-white clouds (sulfuric acid) can make it look yellow

What are the volcanoes on Venus like?
more volcanoes than any other planet
over 1700 major volcanoes & many smaller
probably over 100,000 and up to 1,000,000
none known to be active today
most volcanoes long dead
a few may still be active
many volcanoes
eroded volcanic rocks
Why is Venus so dusty?
no rainfall
too hot for liquid water
no rainwater to wash away dust

What is the temperature on Venus?

atmosphere has many layers and temperatures
can get up to 880℉
cloud layer (30 miles up) same temperature as Earth's surface

range in size from 3 miles - 175 miles across
made by asteroids
smaller asteroids blocked by thick atmosphere

How big are Venus' craters on average?
How long does it take to get to Venus?
about six months
depends on type of orbit

Pioneer Venus
Venus Express

What spacecrafts went to Venus?
Why is Venus named Venus?
10 years old (Earth) = 3650 days
15 Venusian days old
16.2 Venusian years old

How old would you be on Venus?
What symbol is Venus?
circle with plus sign
also symbol for "female"
looks like mirror (Aphrodite uses mirror)
What is the transit of Venus?
Venus passes in front of sun (8-105-8-122-8)
looks like small shadow across sun
last one was 2012
next will be in 2117 (after our lifetimes!)
What did Carl Sagan say about Venus?
hot, dry, sandy
probably lifeless
lots of water vapor in atmosphere (INCORRECT)
estimated started with same CO2 as Earth
surface environment of Venus is a warning
Answer to Hypothesis:
Why is Venus nicknamed Earth's twin or sister?
about same size as Earth
used to have atmosphere like Earth
planets similar weights
neighboring planets
made of same materials
Venus's atmosphere
What is the makeup of Venus?
terrestrial planet-- has rock body
inner planet (closest to Sun)
Inner/Terrestrial Planets
30 miles
Aphrodite = Venus
Venus was brightest planet
named ancient Roman goddess of love, beauty
believed Venus named for most beautiful of ancient gods
Why is Venus so dusty?
Earth's atmosphere
Volcanic Rock
Venus Science Experiment
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