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Dominican Family Structure

No description

Lauren Brown

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Dominican Family Structure

Dominican Family Structure
Family Life
Family loyalty was
Immediate and extended family (called a Domestic Unit) all lived in one house. (Parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles)
The oldest man holds
authority & is responsible for all welfare (money)
The oldest
woman is a source of love & support and she makes all the executive decisions.
Married daughters become apart of their husbands families or domestic units
Marriage Life
Women move in to the man's house to live with all his family.
Most get married in their early 20's.
Those who are married before the age of 20 and have children usually have a hard time.
Divorced men usually marry much younger women.

Poverty was extreme in the Dominican Republic around this time.
Poverty caused many people to divorce their spouses and remarry a US citizen, in order to obtain a US residentship because the US had better financial opportunities.
7.8% of men were unemployed in Dominican Republic vs America's 3.9%
1.2% vs. 4.1 for women
By: Adriana
Men went to work
Head of House Hold
Women were responsible for taking house care of the children and the house. (cooking cleaning, ECT)
Types of Marriages
Church Marriage: 2 people (upper class) consensually agree to get married and the ceremony takes place in a church.
Civil Marriage: 2 people (upper class) consensually agree to get married
Common-Law Marriage: Poor people getting married with a certificate from the government (No real ceremonie)
Migration to America
First only a couple family members went then gradually the others began to move.
It took a lot of family support to get there.
Immediate family opinion was very important in the move.
It was easy because of direct contact between Dominican Republic and America
When moving to the US parents would leave children behind for about 5 years, then children would come to be with parents. Upon arrival it was a bit awkward and the child recognized the family member taking care of them before as their real parents instead of the actual biological parents
Parents thought children were disobedient & disrespectful while children thought parents didn't love them
Parents are very protective of their children & don't let them do much
The answer to everything was simply "Because I say so"
2 types: Dario and Minerva
They are a mix of African beliefs mixed with Catholicism.
basically everybody listened to a witch doctor
it was very spiritual
Wrap Up
We sure hope you payed attention because we want you guys to wrap it up so
and tell us what you've learned.
Disclaimer! Ms. Maria Do not raise your hand you are not allo
wed to speak.
Annotated Bibliography
"Countries and Their Cultures." Marriage and Family. N.p., 2013. Web. 22 Aug. 2013.
This source was used for the information about there marriage types. An the stuture of the families. The roles of the family members.Used for the stuture of the famimlies and the tradtions of the families with marriage.

Vazquez, Carmen Inoa. "Dominican Families." N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Aug. 2013.
This source was used to get more information on the Dominican life in the 1960's. Also used to understand the roles as husband and wife and the different things they had to do for the family. Then there was also understanding what happens after marriage.

"Dominican Republic - FAMILY AND KIN." Dominican Republic. N.p., 2013. Web. 22 Aug. 2013.
This source was used to understand how close the family was. Then there living situations when they get married. It also gave information on the types of marriages. It gave in formation in the dynamic of the family as we'll.
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