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jordan sands

on 31 October 2012

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CONCUSSIONS INFORMATIVE SPEECH BY:JORDAN SANDS THESIS: Big football collisions could cause concussions, future brain damage , and other injuries. After multiple concussions in the season of 2010 the NFL started fining defensive players for making head to head collisions with the offensive players. If anyone doesn't know what a concussion is, its basically a mild traumatic brain injury that causes you to feel dizzy and have head aches. Now in the NFL if you make an extreme head to head hit then you are penalized 15 yards. Future Brain Damage
For NFL Retirees. Research shows that most NFL retirees have some kind of brain injury that could lead to future brain damage. There has been stories of retired NFL players going crazy or going through depression because of these brain injuries. Brain damage is simply the destruction of brain cells. Scientists tested 100 retired NFL players and more than 40% of them suffered from depression and dementia, adding to a growing pile of evidence that repeated sports related traumas can lead to lasting brain issues. Other Injuries There are three main injuries that can occur in footbal besides head injuries and those are knee injuries, back injuries and overheating injuries. The most common injury in the NFL is a torn ACL. The ACL can be sprained or torn if the knee is straightened beyond its normal limits like twisted, or bent side-to-side. A sprained or torn ACL is common in all sports and usually results from a hard stop or aggressive twisting of the knee. There were over 500 injuries last NFL season. Last NFL season there were a total of 217 concussions.
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