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Photoshop retouch tutorial.

No description

Fran Martin

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Photoshop retouch tutorial.

Fran's Photoshop tutorial. We are going to remove the woman on the left. Use the crop tool to create the new crop. Apply the new crop Make a selection on the door as shown. Use the clone tool to remove the face. Select a larger area to copy to create the
lower part of the door and frame Use the Move tool with the alt key to copy
the selected area and move it down Use the clone tool to make the tone of the
new area match the existing area Make a selection on the door as shown. From the Edit menu select Transform
and then Distort Grab the bottom middle distort handle Pull the handle down to stretch the area
to create more door Copy the area of the door you've just created
to extend it to the bottom of the door That section of the door is now complete Select the remaining area of the door Use the clone tool to create the last panel
of door The complete door Zoom in and create an arm shaped path
using the pen tool Change the path to a selection using
the Make Selection command Select the inverse Use the clone tool to create the new door
frame and arm profile Make a selection on the arm Flip it over horizontally and move it to
make up more of the arm Use the clone tool to finish creating
the pattern on the arm The finished retouched image alongside
the original
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