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Manage Your Career Progression Without Changing Jobs

No description

Eric Pye

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of Manage Your Career Progression Without Changing Jobs

Some Numbers to Start
End Result?
Manager Dialogue
: Feedback and development, awareness of ambition

: Learn, develop trust and reputation, find out about new opportunities

Internal Networking
: Build relationships and reputation, understand big picture, get in the mix when opportunities arise
Quit Job
Average job search is 4-7 months
Variables: age, employment status, tenure in last role

200-500 applications/vacancy

Loss of benefits
Job search while working
Limited to evenings and weekends

Energy levels

Scheduling networking meetings and interviews
Find new
internal opportunity
Redefine current role

Project team

Training/professional development

Lateral move (transfer department, office or country)

Redefine Role
Look to make your role better

Identify weak points/opportunities that match your strengths/interests

Chat with colleagues and pay attention to issues in meetings

Create an ideal job description (expanded or totally new role)

Shop the new job to current
and/or future boss
Keys to Unlocking your Career Without Moving On
Eric Pye
Career Advisor
CPA Alberta

Career Services
A part of Professional Services.

We offer

Resume & cover letter reviews
One-on-one coaching (job search, networking, LinkedIn, interview preparation, career planning)
Workshops & seminars
Job Board
In addition to:

Diversity Advising
Career services for Internationally Trained Professionals
Outreach to employers and immigrant serving agencies

Mentorship & Connector Programs
Annual Tax Clinics

Professional Advisory Services

CPA Assist (Member EAP)

Volunteer Opportunities
Professional Services
40 years = Average career

11-15 = Number of job changes

4-7 = Number of career changes

25% = "Advancement" reason
for changing jobs

1:5 = Interviews:Applications

88% = Increased responsibility
through org. move

Quit job and look for a new one

Job search while working

Find something new internally
Ready for a Change?
12% = Increased responsibility
through internal promotion (2014)
Down from 15% in 2004
... Employees who are promoted within an organization advance further and faster than job hoppers!
A trend we should try to reverse?
: http://www.workopolis.com/solutions/en/research/thinkopolis/2014-moving-work
Role re-definition
: http://business.financialpost.com/executive/careers/how-to-land-a-new-job-without-leaving-your-current-employer
Regular Dialog With Manager
Meet weekly or bi-weekly

Discuss accomplishments, goals, development

Revisit most recent performance review

Transparency about desire for responsibility, development, projects, and promotion
Join Committees and Working Groups
Learn through involvement

Low stress way for introverts to network and build relationships with colleagues in other departments

Shape decisions

Develop reputation as impact player
Network Outside Your Department
Coffees and lunches

Find mentor, develop sponsors and backers, earn trust of decision makers

Learn about inter- and intra-departmental issues, upcoming projects, opportunities

Transparency about desire for new responsibility, projects, and promotion
Progress further and faster!
Intimidated by Networking?
Ask manager or colleague to introduce you

Start small using face-to-face chats rather than internal emails

Consult with Career Services

Join CPA Connector or Mentorship Program
The subject of performance reviews was covered in Part 1 of the "Advance Your Career" Series

Read about taking charge of your own performance management here:
and here:
Can you guess the significance?
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