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The Age of Absolutism in Russia

This prezi explains the importance of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great in the Russian government.

Kaylee Donohue

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The Age of Absolutism in Russia

The Age of Absolutism in Russia
1. How did Peter the Great try to make Russia into a modern state?
Never learned of western ways
Brought a group of technical experts he recruited in Europe
By forcing people to be executed if they were resistant to the change
B and C
2. Which area was one of which Peter the Great conquered?
The Black Sea
The Red Sea
3. Who won the 2013 Super Bowl?
Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburg Steelers
Oakland Raiders
New York Jets
4. How did Catherine the Great strengthen Russia?
Refuted machinery for farms
Never advertised in foreign papers
Supported a healthy economy
Gave ice-skating tips to the homeless
5. What are two examples of how Peter and Catherine were absolute monarchs?
What is an
Absolute Monarchy?
"Absolute Monarchy" is defined as:
a monarchy that is not limited or restrained by laws or a constitution.
Is she an absolute monarch?
Queen of England
Peter the Great
Catherine the Great
The Romanov Dynasty
Catherine the Great's Life in a Nutshell
In 1613, Michael Romanov is elected as tsar by the National council, thus beginning the dynasty.
Peter was born in 1672 and was tsar beginning in 1682. His death ended his rein in 1725.
Peter is accredited with bringing the country out of medieval times.
His accomplishments that bettered Russia include:
First, he worked on building up Russia's military and created the largest standing army in Europe.
Second, he built a world-class navy from scratch.
Third, he set out to Russia's borders from West and South.
Fourth, Peter created a senate and moved the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
Finally, he reformed a body of non-elective government officials, or otherwise known as the bureaucracy and substituted the Julian calendar for the traditional calendar. He did numerous other things that bettered Russia as well as the ones listed.
His rein of power was concluded with his death which occurred in 1725.
Russia was the leading eastern European state at the time of his death in 1725.
As soon as she took the throne, she immediately increased Russia's wealth. Catherine applied modern scientific methods to agriculture.
She encouraged the people of Russia to start modern breeding methods for sheep, cattle, and horses.
A great deal of Russia's land was underpopulated, so she offered land for settlement with attractive inducements in foreign newspapers.
She decreed that anyone could start a factory, with the exception of in the overcrowded capitals. Many peasants ran textile plants. With the decree, new industries emerged including: linen, pottery, leather goods, and furniture.
How did Peter the Great Expand Russia?
He gained control of a warm-water port along the black sea and took the lands of the Ottoman Empire.
He gained control over Poland and took over parts of Austria in a petition he signed.
Defeated the Swedes to gain control of the land by Baltic Sea, and he signed a treaty with China to gain rights to land North of Manchuria.
Catherine was born in Poland in 1729. Her full name was Sophie Friederike Auguste, Prinzessin von Anhalt-Zerbst. Before she married, she was a minor German princess.
She basically married Peter III because she new he would later be the emperor. They were both unfaithful to each other. Catherine is said to have up to 12 lovers in her lifetime. The father of one of her four children is either her husband's child or one of her lover's. It is unknown.
How she strengthened Russia
Catherine died in 1796 after she had suffered from a stroke in her bathroom, where she was found.
After her death, her enemies at court began spreading rumors of her death, some of which have lasted to the present day.
Rumor #1:
She died while engaging with an animal, normally believed to be a horse.

She died while on the toilet.
After Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, Russia goes through several wars before their revolution.
The Wars Are:
Intervening in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars in France
Caucasian war
Crimean War
Russian-Turkish War
War with Japan
World War I
The Russian Revolution
The spread of revolutionary ideas begin in 1861.
The social democratic party is founded in 1897 and splits into Bolshevik and Menshevik in 1903.
Bolsheviks assassinate the Romanov family in 1917, thus marking the end of the dynasty.
6. What did Catherine the Great give to her Lovers?
Other Lovers
Fun Fact!
She stayed loyal to her lovers even after the relationship had ceased. She would give them titles, land, and palaces.
7. In the song "Royals" by Lorde, what is the missing lyric?
"But every song's like golden teeth, grey goose,
, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room, We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams."
8. Peter the Great raised an army to do what?
Expand the Americas
Win his Queen back
Expand Russia
Kill his mortal enemy
Are they absolute monarchs?
Simba and Mufusa
(from The Lion King)
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