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Whole Brain Teaching

It's all about student engagement

Christine Crenshaw

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Whole Brain Teaching

Whole Brain Teaching www.wholebrainteaching.com Keep
Talking Keep Them Motivated Teach! Okay! Switch Students turn to a partner and talk about what they just learned. They then get a chance to hear from you and another student, then they become the teacher. Call for a switch and make sure they all participate. Get those Hogs quiet and the logs talking. Gestures Mirror Students use the gestures when they are talking together.

You know right away who is participating and who is off topic Mirrors reflect your actions.

How many mirrors will you have in class? The Scoreboard Play for things like more or less homeowrk or PAT time Points never get more than 3 away from each other.
The students know it will be a close day. Rules Rule One:
Follow directions quickly! Rule Two:
Raise your hand for permission to speak Rule Three:
Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. Rule Four:
Make smart Choices Rule Five:
Keep your dear teacher happy! www.prezi.com websites used today The Crazy Professor Reading Game Pick a couple of the options. Everyone has an active job Dramatic Reading
Q and A
Silent Skimming
Silent Reading
Silent Summarizing
The Crazy Professor Keep
Moving Use gestures for everything. It makes for some very active listening. Magic Mirrors:
reflect your actions and repeat your words. Attention
Getters Class! Yes! Hands and Eyes Keep it working; however I say yes is how they respond Say, "Hands and eyes!"
Students say, "hands and eyes!" Say "Class!"
they reply "Yes!" Students fold their hands and stare at you intensely. More intense attention More class management:

Practice Cards
Guff Counter
The Bulls Eye Game
Agreement Bridge
More Learning Games:

Super Speed
Super Speed Reading
Mind Soccer
Power Student Olympics
Crazy Professor Reading Go online for more information
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