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The Modern Whig Party

No description

Garrett Shum

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Modern Whig Party

Type of Party
The Modern Whig Party is an ideological party.

Their ideology is based on moderation.
T.J. O'hara "ran"
for president in 2012, spending all of $2,000 on his campaign, and appearing exclusively as a write-in candidate.
"I look upon the office of President of the United States with reverence. Perhaps that is one of the greatest contrasts of my candidacy. I consider this to be an opportunity to serve my country in the greatest civil service capacity afforded to a civilian rather than as a position of personal achievement or as a political trophy to be leveraged by a party."
The party is very new, having only existed during one election; thus they do not have any other leaders.
Symbols, Mascots, Campaign Slogans
The primary symbol and mascot of the Modern Whigs is the owl, shown as divided in two halves, one red and one blue, with a white bar and stars in the center. The red and blue represent the Democrats and Republicans, respectively; and the white is the middle road between that leads to prosperity.
Although they do not have a proper
campaign slogan, the catch phrase
of the party is...
Key Elements of Platform
The Modern Whig Party typically takes a very middle-of-the-road stance on most issues, praising individual free thinking along with it.
Some basic elements of their platform:
-Same-sex marriage should be decided by the state, but discrimination based on sexual orientation is wrong.
-The nation's infrastructure needs a massive overhaul.
-Illegal immigrants offered amnesty and citizenship if they join the military and serve out the contractual term honorably.
-Healthcare should not be universal, but should be government-subsidized.
-The tax system requires much reform for the purpose of simplification and the removal of loopholes.
-Education needs more funding. Period.
-Give tax incentives to businesses that keep manufacturing jobs in the US, rather than outsourcing.
Their "free thinking" philosophy does cause some disagreement with certain issues, such as abortion, however.
-Many powers held by the federal government should be returned to the states.
In general, their platform is made to encompass ideas that would appeal to people of all political ideologies.
The "high-water mark" of the Modern Whig Party is difficult to define, as the party is so new.

So far, it is the 2012 election, the first election they ran in.
The party's ideology is, succinctly,
"Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and generally mild mannered".
The party places a very high value on free thinking as well.
There are not many political cartoons about the Modern Whigs. This is the best we could find.
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