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amaizing thailand

No description

stephanie vera

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of amaizing thailand

amizing thailand political GDP per capital 8,100 capital of country bangkok population 65,998,436 type of goverment constitutinal monarchy economy

bahat currency: exchange rate: 150.9 geography it would be best to go visit
around november and mid-march
when it is dry and cool socity language:
thai and english religions: buddhist and
muslum foods: it is surved in bite sizes
and stimy sticky rice noddle dishes are eaten housing: housing are bild on stilts
one enters the house by
latters and it is not furnished traditional dressing women wear a simple blouse,
a wrapearound skirt known as
a sarong or pathung and flipflops
men wear pants and a shirt in public but would change into a pakkaoma at home marage the groom traditunaly pays a brides-price
to the brides parents as compersation for raising her daughter
why should you!! thailand has a good GDP
of 8,100 and has a monarch
goverment ,has a currency rate
of 150.9 billion stephanie vera
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