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AQUA2 Underwater Robot

No description

Optimous Maximous

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of AQUA2 Underwater Robot

AQUA2 Underwater Robot(AAR)
By Wyatt Taylor

Where is this robot used?
This robot is used anywhere where there is water/sand/snow.
Is it multifunctional?
This robot is also used for. Image storage and manipulation, and aquaculture inspection
http://epitome.cim.mcgill.ca:8080/AQUA project.htm
The tasks of the AAR

AQUA2 is part of
the aqua project which explores the science and technologies for the interpretation of
underwater video footage
This robot simulates the human functions of, taking camera footage,position estimation
and mechanical design.
This robot has 4 degrees of freedom. It can work in an area of 100feet.
How Is The Robot Taught?
This robot is is controlled using a C++ library called RoboDevel, which is a collection of libraries for programming
What sensors does the robot have and how does it use them?
AQUA has both rear- and forward-facing video camera for use in both tele-operation and visual servicing.
Advantages and disadvantages
Some advantages are, it has minimum disturbance of the indigenous marine life.
Some disadvantages are this robot it takes more time to train a robot than a diver.
The impact this robot would have
This robot can dive and take pictures with out disturbing wildlife which would help the ecosystem.
What jobs and careers would this robot create?
This robot would create programming jobs for people.
How would this robot be modified in the future?
This robot might have different propellers put in so it has more freedom, or better materials so it can dive deeper.
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