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Invasive Species

Green Crab

Julia Pericak

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Invasive Species

About The Green Crab The Green Crab was introduced to our environment by ballast water in ships, in seaweeds that are used as packing materials to ship marine organisms, and movement on water currents. Introduced To The Environment The Green Crab is bad to other animals by taking their habitat from an animal that needs it. This animal will die from no habitat or they can not find food. The green crab is good by killing disease that are in the water. The green crab will not get sick from this and because of it more animals will not either. How The Green Crab Is Good Or Bad There is no way to prevent this animal yet. To make the population smaller by if you find a Green Crab you can kill it. Make sure you put down the location and date. How To Prevent The Green Crab Now you know about my invasive specie. So remember if you find a Green Crab do not put it back in the water. The common name is a Green Crab. The scientific name for a green crab is Carcinus maenas .
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