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La Dia de Independencia de Mexico

No description

Nyssa SanMiguel

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of La Dia de Independencia de Mexico

When is Mexico Independence day? Mexico independence day is September 16th, but some people start their celebrating early on the night of September 15th. What is La Dia de Independencia de mexico? La Dia de Independencia is the celebration when Mexico gained their independence, because they actually won their independence from Spain during the Mexican war of Independence. The mexican war of Independence was from 1810-1821. Where is La Dia de Independencia de Mexico celebrated? La Dia de Independencia de Mexico is celebrated in
Mexico at every Zócalo. La Dia de Independencia de Mexico by: Nyssa Sanmiguel
Priscilla Charcas Most families decorate their homes.
The decorations only have two requirements:
1. They should be Mexico's colors (Green, Red and White)
2. They should make noise
Such as straw sombreros, horns, and matracas
Also, to hang flags and papel picado
outside their homes. What do they wear? They dress up as a hero from the Revolution or a famous figure from Mexican history.
Their favorites are: Pancho Villa (Wear fake mustaches), Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Morelos.
Women wear traditional clothing. What foods are eaten on Mexico Independence day? When celebrating Mexican Independence, the people eat
Caramelos Mexicanos, Queso Fundido, Tamales de Puerco,
Birria de Borrego, and buñuelos. They also drink Ponche and they eat Menudo for the night after partying. Vocabulary Queso Fundido: Cheese Fondue
Tamales de Puerco: Pork Tamales
Birria de Borrego: Spiced Roasted Lamb
Ponche: Punch
Zócalo: Plaza Matracas: Noisemakers
Menudo: Mexican Soup Made with Beef Stomach
In A Clear Broth and a Red Chile Base Papel Picado: Perforated Paper La Dia de Independencia de Mexico: Mexico Independence Day
Buñuelos: fried tortillas covered in cinnamon and sugar How do people celebrate La Dia
Independencia de Mexico? Why is La Dia Independencia de Mexico
celebrated? La Dia Independencia de Mexico is celebrated because on September 16, 1810, Mexico had gained Independence from Spain. Miguel Hidalgo was their leader in helping them gain their independence. Who participates in L a Dia de Independencia de Mexico? The people who celebrate La Dia de Independencia de Mexico are usually of Mexican Ethnicity.
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