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CSI Mathematics prezi: height and shoe size

CSI themed maths lesson based on collecting data and drawing a graph of the height and shoe size of pupils in a class.

Kate Kinnell

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of CSI Mathematics prezi: height and shoe size

Police have been called to a crime scene and the only evidence they have are some dirty footprints.
How can they work out who to look for? CSI Mathematics What can you tell from a footprint? By looking at footprints you should be able to gain a good idea of the type of shoe worn, this may lead you to the gender of the criminal or even their hobbies. What type of shoes do you think these are and who do you think may have worn them? Who has the biggest feet in this class?

Who has the smallest? What do you notice about these two people? There is a relationship between a person's height and their shoe size, the taller they are the bigger their feet are (usually).
The police work out the shoe and its size from the footprint using their data base and can then use this to work out how tall their suspect is and can even find out where these shoes could have been bought from. We are going to create a table of our heights and shoe sizes and plot them on a graph so that we can clearly see the relationship between the two. We can then use it to find the heights of other people from their footprints. Can you use your graph to find the height of the people who left behind these footprints? Trainer Size 5 Work Boot Size 9 Child's Footprint Size 11
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