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Octavia Turnbull

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Italy

By:Grace Italy Geography Italy is located in southern Europe, and the tip
extends into the Mediterranean Sea. More Geogrophey Sicilyis the tip fo Italy's boot. The Alpine mountains run along the French, and Swiss boarder. There are three famous lakes: lake Como, Maggiore, and lake
Garda. The highest peaks are found in the Savoy Alps, the Pennines Alps,
and the Gaian mountains. At the foot of the Alps the only large river in Italy is the Po River.
This river flowes west to east. While altitudes are low the Carabian cost is still looks untuched Sardinia is seprated from the main land. The plain of Catania is the largest plateu on the island. Sardinia is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea.This area is generaly mountainous. The largest and most fertail plains are the Campidano in the south, the outher is Ozieri in the north. The climate varies with elavatuion and area. Climate The periods in Decenber and January are the coldest The periods inJuly and August are the hottest. In the Po Plains the avreage teperature is about 13 degrees The highest in Sicily is 18 degrees ,in the low lands it is 14drgrees The climate of the Po valley and the Alps has cold winters and warm summers. Rainfall varies from about 50 cm on the southeast coast to over 200cm in the Alps.Rainfall varies from about 50 cm on the southeast coast to over 200cm in the Alps. Thay have cool raniry winters, and hot dry summers. The Po valley Culture Italian is a romance language wich comes from Latian This romance language was influenced by greece Most Italians are Roman Catholics. For maney years Catholic Church leaders and the Italian government worked togeather very well. Italy has maney different ethnic groups from: Morocco, Tunisia, and Albania. more culture More Culture Northern Italy is richer, and more people work in factories Southern Italy is where most people work on farms, and ranches Most italian food depends on the area. In the south thay prepare dishes with pasta covered in tomato sause. The north is famous for there fashion clothes, shoes, and cars. History Government More Government Economy Bibliography Italy's haratage extends over 2,500 years The earleast known setlers of centrial Italy in the 9 th
centery was the Ligurians, Sabines, and the Umbrians. By 650 bc Italy was divibed into different ethnic groups. The Umbrians are in the north. the Ligers in the northwest, and
the Sadines are inthe southwest island. More Climate After a series df wars in the 350bc Rome the capital of Ilaly game of ful power all ethnic grdaps and by 272bc the wnited the whole Italy penihsala. There where maney conflieds such as sulla aganist Marius and his son from 88-82 bc. From the 4th to the 5th cenity the western Italy cane to an end On july ath 1854 Antonio cassinelli maried Elizabcath Willams Over the next few years thay atended seuerni but severiat of themdied as infanits. More History After Elizabeath died in 1876 he mareid his second wife Angela Spinetta in 1886. On July 9th 1854 Antoio Cassinelli mared Elizabeath Willamas Antonio Cassinelli Elizabeath Williams more history More History When the West Roman Empier fell in the 400s the Italian peninsula sliped in maney kingdoms and city-states. Benito Musslini Took over Italy in 1920s. Eussolini whanted the government to take control of italy. After the war Italy suffered there loses and inprisened Mmusslini. When Mussolini was cought trying to esecape he was kiled. Citizens must be 25 years old to vote in presidential elections Italy's government has a president, prime minister, cabnit, and a parliment. All judges of Italian court are apointed rather than elected. All Italian men most serve in the armed forces after they reach the age of 18 years. About 340,000 people serve in Italys armey. Italyis the parlimentary democracey The people of Italy elects 3/4 of the parliment members. The prime pinister is the head of the government. Usually the larder comes from the wining party. Because Italy has maney parties thay form a partnership wich is teperorary. Once Italy was mostly farming and Italy has more industarys and factories. Today Italy onaly has 5% offarm related jobs. Italy is 1/2 of the E U wich has helped expand their bisnesses. Some products soled in factories are clothes, shooes, and cars. the economic grouth between the north and south is unevean. More Economy More Economy There economey used to be parlimently agucultural, it changes after world war 2 to modern industeries In 1953 1/3 of Italians whereenploied in aguculture Today 10% are imploied in aguculture in northern Italy In the 1950 Italy helped find European coal and steal comunity, and the Economic Comunity. The government controles all energy production. More Economy More Economy Some examples of serves industeries are:schools, hotels,
and healthcare. They have exelent facilities and low cost metical care. Manufactury acounts for 1/4 of the GDP(grose demestic products)and enployes about 1/3 nations work grose. Most of the government controles a major share of the manufactury. Most of the manufactury in the north. Nault, William H., Andrew B. Gonzalez, Dato I. Hraron, Dame L. Kramer, K. N. Panikkar, Mohammed A. Rasheed, Sir W. Taylor, and Scott L. Wahgh. The World Book Encyclopedia. 2000 ed. Chicago: World Book, 2000. Print. World Book Bednarz, Sarah Witham. World Cultures and Geography: Eastern Hemisphere. Evanston, IL: McDougall Littell, 2003. Print. "Globaledge.msu.edu." GlobalEDGE. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 May 2013. <http://www.pageglimpse.com/globaledge.msu.edu>. "West-bar-Italians.co.uk." West-bar-Italians.co.uk. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 May 2013. <http://www.west-bar-italians.co.uk/>. "Italy." Ncyclopedia.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 May 2013. <http://encyclopedia.com/topic/Italy>. this is where italyis located Food and Culture Italian Fashion This are all the famous lakes Famous Alps and mountains coast and riverside seans
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