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The Importance of Group Discussion in Language Learning

This Prezi was prepared for DID 413, Teaching ESL in Different Contexts, taught by Ph.D Lynn Thomas.

Maxime Barrette

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The Importance of Group Discussion in Language Learning

Homogenous Groups

Do not group your students randomly

Put emphasis on cooperation

Observers The Importance of Group Discussion
Language Learning Why should I use group discussion? It's noisy

They don't work

They speak to each other using their L1

They speak about their weekend, some gossip, etc. strategies Direct Strategies Indirect Strategies Cognitive strategies Compensatory Strategies How Group Discussion can Foster Learning Strategies Practicing

Receiving and Sending Messages Guessing Intelligently

Overcoming Limitation in Speaking Developing Discussion Skills in the ESL Classroom By
C.F. Green
E.R. Christopher
J.Lam ELT Journal Metacognitive Strategies Arranging and Planning your Learning
Evaluating your Learning Social Strategies Asking Questions
Cooperate With Others
Empathizing With Others How? How? How? How? You Have to Follow Three Steps Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Pre-Discussion Group Formation Choose Topics Plan the Discussion Give them a
"guided choice"

Use themes

Make sure that they are
motivated by the topic Guide them in the process

Build activities

Help them to create tools Wait, what? In term of personality Introverted
Extraverted Discussion Students Interact with each other
in English

Use the tools they developed in the
previous step

Participate actively Yeah... right Teacher's role
the corner stone
group discussion Teacher Supervise the groups

Guide students in their process

Sustain interaction among groups

Do not evaluate or assess students! Use your observers instead Observers Monitor the discussion

Take data with observation sheets

Interact or not with the group Post-Discussion Peer-Review Observers share the data collected

Students discuss the results
and try to draw conclusions

Help each other to improve
their discussion skills Teacher Review Grammar related feedback

Strategy related comments

General comments Wrap-Up Group to group exchange

Teacher to group exchange

Content related

Discussion related

Open ending Things to Consider Topics Objectives Evaluation Literature

Social Issues

Environmental Issues

Personal Issues

Etc. Strategies

Communication skills

Sharing information

Assessing Students Observation sheet

Formal or informal


Drawback Some Theory Socio-constructivism Teaching English with Literature Brown's assessment principles
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