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Systems to Support What Matters

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Kimberly Bowman

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Systems to Support What Matters

People Are Important Our impact chain says so... But it's also common sense.
People are the what and why of all we do. Yet we're still counting actions. What if there was another way? What if our MEL valued people the way we know they should be valued? What if we measured the reach and quality of our interactions with people - not the actions they produce for us? What if we could use a system that supported work with people, but also helped with MEL? It is possible. What if, instead of logging actions, we had a system to help manage information on the people we work with?

This is common in businesses (even small ones) - they often use software called "CRMs"

This video gives a quick overview of how these systems work. (Ignore the Microsoft references) I think we should look into how to use a CRM to manage and monitor ongoing engagement work. It needs to:
Be easy and simple - not adding much burden, and tying in with how people already manage relationships
Collect information that we need to do good engagement
Allows regional campaigners to continue to hold relationships and contacts, while making sure critical information is sharable. Imagine the possibilities! It could help us work smarter,
maintain great relationships with activists Important if our activist base grows And if our people come and go
(because as you may have noticed, we have a lot of parents around...)
our activists can receive top-notch support from anyone It won't totally replace Coot.

And it won't revolutionise everyting.

But it could be a great tool for engagement. And for helping us stayed focused on what matters.
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