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Site Analysis

No description

Briana Smith

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Site Analysis

Site Analysis
Neighborhood and Context
Zoning of the neighborhood is important and information of this type can typically be found at the
Municipal Planning Department
of the site.
Features include:
architectural patterns
street lighting
, and
existing buildings
. (Immediate surroundings site.)
Description: of How people move towards and around the size.
- Include an analysis of existing paths (
pedestrian, cyclist,vehicle
), Note and describe
nearby landmarks and nodes
7. Circulation:
The uses of
streets, roads, alleys, sidewalks, and plazas
are important in this inventory step. (
circulation gateways
About the Location,

How the site relates to major streets or landmarks.
Aerial photographs (
Google Earth
) help in this assessment stage.
There should be documentation of distances and time from major places. (
Map Quest or Google maps:Directions
Site to 5 major places
- Grocery store
- Gas station,
- Banks
- Post Office

Before we build.... what do we know about WHERE we are building.
- Site Conditions - Topography - Neighborhood Context - Soil Conditions - Zoning Restrictions
Today you will be introduced into the development process of a Site Analysis.

- You will need to take notes on this section:
Test Next Friday March 27th and Monday March 30th
- This presentation will also help you understand the elements of Site Analysis to be better your
understanding of what is expected of you in today's project.
What is a Site Analysis?
Site analysis
is an

, a
step to site planning
, which
involves research, analysis, and synthesis
It primarily deals with

basic data

as it

to a
specific site.

Zoning and Codes
Elements of a Site Analysis
These elements include:
- Neighborhood context,

Site and zoning
- Legal elements
- Natural physical features
- Man-made features
Natural physical features

Natural physical features:

Most of this information will be derived from the
topographic features
on the site. A
contour map
of this magnitude can be located from the survey engineer. Drainage problems as well as existing
natural features of trees, ground cover, ground texture, and soil conditions on the site
should be directly observed.
Research on Site and Context
Elements of research that is collected, put into a
Site Analysis.
Booklet of information (data) that is collected on a specific site

- Text,
- Charts & Graphs
- Images
- maps
- Circulation,
- Utilities,
- Sensory,
- Human and cultural
-Climate components.
distinctive sites
that provide
way-finding for

people in the area
are key

public gathering places
that encourage people to linger and socialize.
(Parks, Plazas, Water fronts,etc)
Size and zoning

Site boundaries
(where does the site begin , where does it end)

Zoning classifications
set-backs, height restrictions, allowable site coverage, uses, and parking requirements

are obtained by obtaining
zoning classifications

from a zoning map, which can be located from the
city planning department

Includes: Conditions such as
rainfall, snowfall, humidity, and temperature over months
must be considered and analyzed.
The sun-path and vertical sun angles
throughout an
entire year
are important to note.
Site Analysis assignment
As a group you will produce a site analysis on 6 vacant sites in Hampton Roads

Your group will be assigned a building type that your client wants built on that site.

Your responsibilities: are to conduct an in depth research on each site.
Due: Friday March 27th and Monday 30th
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