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Copy of Brown Turban Snail

zoology project

james mitchell

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Brown Turban Snail

Common Name: Brown Turban Snail Scientific Name: Tegula Brunnea Phylum: Mollusca Description: Orange or brown conical rounded shell. Red algae usually covers it. It's foot has brown or black sides with a white bottom. Habitat/Range/Intertidal zone(s): Browns live in low intertidal or subtidal zones. Wander around kelp. Zone Conditions: There a kelp forest in zone of which they live but sewage and runoff can hurt these forest. Adaptions to Survive in this Zone: The Brown has a shell that acts as body armor but they also live in kelp forest to hide from the enemy. Interesting Fact(s):
-if flipped upside-down, the brown can pick up pebbles with its foot, roll the added weight and turn rightside-up By James Mitchell i don't like prezi Correction I hate prezi. END OF SHOW Brown turban snails eat algae.
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