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Danish Refugee Council

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on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Danish Refugee Council

Danish Refugee Council
Who are they?
The Danish Refugee Concil (DRC) is a humanitarian Non-governmental organization that was founded in 1956. They assist over 30 countries that need help with problems like lack of clean water, lack of food, and so much more
What they do
Where they work
The DRC works in more than 30 countries/continents like Central asia, Africa, Yemen, the Middle East, South Asia, Caucasus, Syria, Uganda and many more.
Danish demining group
In the DRC there is a unit that helps remove mines from old battlefields to prevent someone from losing a leg when they step on one. They also help educate affected communities were there have been battles and dispose of the mines.
Goals and Values
The Danish Refugee Councils believes that no one refugee should be in want of help to find protection and shelter. They support the right of the freedom to receive humanitarian aid. Their values are respect, independence and neutrality, collaboration and honesty.
Shelter and non food items
The DRC provides emergency shelter and
non food items (flashlights, shoes) and emergency
cash grants for families in need. They also give
return and repatriation kits for people returning
to their countries
Food Security
For families with no money, or lots of mouths to feed, the DRC will provide food, or food voucher programs. They also train farmers and they give tools (e.g seeds) and agricultural grants.
The DRC stands for the rights of displaced people and helps with the registration of the internationally displaced and refugees. They provide protection assistance based on peoples needs. They have child protection initiatives and sexual and gender based violence protection.
Many countries have problems getting water so the DRC helps by supplying fresh water and building wells. Lots of people are getting sick from improper hygiene so the DRC distributes hygiene items and educates people about proper hygiene.
Google Images
Water and Hygiene
Where they get their resources
The Danish Refugee Council gets their resources from generous donors that go onto the DRC website (drc.dk) and make donations. For 43$, the DRC can give a school kit to 8 refugee kids. If you give 14$, a family will receive a food package that lasts them 14 days.
The more you donate, the more lives will be saved.
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