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Australia Internship Summer 2014

No description

fsb international

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Australia Internship Summer 2014

Itinerary is subject to change | All parts of the program are mandatory for all
Happy Travels
Sydney & Cairns
Registration and tuition payment procedures
Flight Tips
Please fill out and sign registration form.
Your summer term tuition will be posted to your Bursar bill once you register for classes. Submit your registration form to 216 MacMillan Hall if you have not done so.
You must be registered for your courses before leaving on the program.

Please clear any outstanding bills with the Bursar’s Office.

Scholarship-awarded students need to deduct the scholarship amount and pay the difference.

Start to drink a lot of water 48 hours ahead.

During flight tips:
Keep drinking water during the flight.

Get up and move around often, and

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
April 23,2014
Final Orientation
How to use HTH Insurance
One thing we have learned from returning students is that no matter how extensive the pre-program sessions and final orientations are, there are still things they wished we had covered more thoroughly before they left the U.S. This meeting is an attempt to prepare you as best we can. Our goal is for you to have the best cultural and educational experience possible, with as little surprise, disappointment, and/or inconvenience as possible. Your responsibility is to follow these guidelines, research everything further, make the best out of this opportunity, and always use good judgment.

HTH insurance – Carry your card and number with you throughout the trip. Call the number on the card if you have any medical problems.

HTH does NOT cover care needed due to alcohol intoxication.
Australia Internship Summer 2014
Contact Cards - Carry these with you everywhere you go. Put them in your wallet; pack them in your carry-on luggage when you fly over. Note that beginning numbers vary depending on from where you are calling. Leave a copy of both the cards with your parents.

Passports – Very valuable. Handle as you would your credit card. Do not take it out at night with you. Carry a copy with you in the evening.

Flight spreadsheet – Check for accuracy. Let our office know of any changes!

Pre-Departure Plan
Look over your flight plans spread sheet. Let Kim know if your flight plans change!

If contacting Kim, have new arrival information ready to tell her.

Pack in your carry-on: Airline ticket, your passport, emergency contact cards, HTH Insurance card, and the packet provided for you this evening.

Departure Plans
These are required for the program so bring your laptop.

Prescriptions and customs -
If you are bringing any prescription drugs keep them in the original bottle/package. If you need injections, bring your own syringes.

Textbooks and packets-
bring them with you.

Register with American Embassies

You will have the opportunity to transfer dollars to local currency upon arrival.

Credit Cards-
A credit card in your name. Call the company and give them the dates and locations of your trip.

Have a debit card (memorize your numerical pin). Call your bank and have it set up for international use.

Travelers Checks-
You may want to bring these as a back-up.

Cell phone-
It is best to bring your own. Contact your cell phone provider to set up for international calls. MUST HAVE A WORKING PHONE WHEN IN Australia.
At Dallas Forth Worth International airport:

Check in with Dr. Greenlee once you get to DFW.

Be prepared to sit in the airport for a while for everyone to arrive.

If your connecting flight is delayed, contact Dr. Greenlee or Dr. Barr, Senior Director of the International Programs Office. She will be on call. Provide new arrival information. Their phone numbers will be on your emergency card as well as in your packet on the itinerary.

If your flight is late and the group has left for Australia, please book another flight. You will be responsible for paying for this second flight to Australia unless you booked the add-on option with Student Universe.

Communication is key: Contact Dr. Greenlee or Dr. Barr right away if you miss your flight. Have the new flight information ready.

Everyone must check in with Dr. Greenlee once at DFW! If we don’t see and have not heard from you, your emergency contact will be called. Do not upset your mom!

What to Pack extended
NOT EVERYTHING ON THE SUGGESTION LIST - Found at www.miamioh.edu/international

Bring one bag to be checked, a carry on and a personal item. Leave room for your legs to stretch out.

Watch your luggage weight because the intra-flight from Sydney to Cairns is more restricted.

Do pack sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and good walking shoes. Plan to pay for a lot of everything! Budget!

What is Program Time?
Be prepared to study. Classes move very quickly.

You may not miss any part of the program or class sessions.

What to Pack (Carry On)
Check for the weather report before packing. Remember it will be winter in Australia!
-Printed out flight itineraries-each leg!
-Emergency contact card.
-Program itinerary-has the address of locations where you will live.
-Passport-of course
-Australia Visa
-Any prescriptions
-HTH number/card

Safety and Conduct Information
You must be responsible and use good judgment.

See our website for details!
www.fsb.miamioh.edu/international, log on to the committed section for FSB Australia Internship under Health and Safety click on “Safety Tips”

Read the Farmer School of Business Code of Conduct – you are responsible for knowing and upholding it.

Call AIIA staff member’s
emergency number.
(most likely Natasha).
This is located on your
Emergency card.

Call Dr. Greenlee’s
Emergency number.

How to Handle an Emergency
Ambassadors for Miami University
Note: These rules and expectations begin as you get to the airport.
We use a provider in Australia, AIIA, and students are subject to all AIIA rules and requirements while on this program. These expectations will be covered at the on-site orientation once in Australia led by an AIIA representative. In case of conflict about Miami University’s standards of conduct and the provider’s conduct code, the provider’s code prevails.
You are subject to the laws of every country you visit. Miami University takes no responsibility for the consequences of actions you may take in violation of local laws. Miami University cannot assure that U.S. standards of due process will be followed, nor will the University provide or pay for legal representation.
Miami University students in overseas programs are also subject to all applicable University rules, to the Miami University Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook, and to such other rules as the faculty or staff may find necessary to the proper functioning of the program. The proscriptions stated in the Academic Misconduct are fully applicable, and violations of them will not be tolerated.
Alcohol – If you choose to drink alcohol while on the program, and your behavior becomes disruptive as outlined in the regulations, you will be held subject to disciplinary actions under the Student Conduct Regulations. This could include dismissal from the program WITH NO REFUND.
Use good judgment, have fun, and learn all that you can about Australia and the courses you are taking.

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