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Intuitive Perception

No description

Sam Zattera

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Intuitive Perception

Real Life Scenario
Stair Science
(Face Blindness)
An article in the
New York Times
led me to investigate this not-so-rare disease. Those afflicted with the disease rely almost entirely on these kind of distinct details and on cognitively looking for what we unconsciously see.
Intuition as automatic and accessory
Lars-Erik Björklund, a scientist searching for a neurobiological explanation of experience-based knowledge, said, "It can be a matter of smells, gestures, an ineffable combination of impressions that makes what we call intuition tell us something,”
Men: from front to back and within one hemisphere suggesting their brains are structured to facilitate connectivity between perception and coordinated action.
What is intuition?
The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
Intuitive Perception

by Sam Zattera
Knowledge to be found
How do we use alternative ways of knowing subconsciously?
How important are sense perception and intuition within social connections/relationships?
Is this important?
Different opinions:
Conventional Definition:
Scientific Definition:
Same idea, but as a result of experience, also known as Tacit knowledge, hands-on-knowledge, or Practical wisdom, limited to a certain field.
He argues that our memory
to be filled and will only do so when there is a level of commitment involved. This could work the same way in relationships
Women and Intuition?
women: between the left and right hemispheres, suggesting that they facilitate communication between the analytical and intuitive portions of their brains
brain connectivity study from Penn Medicine published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences
This could explain the long standing idea of a "maternal instinct" or "Mother's intuition"
Sense Perception in social Interactions:
intimate relationships
But what about on a broader scale?
physical attraction
Does this relate to social interactions on a larger scale?
Sense Perception
Men and Women the Same
Evolutionary advantage that enables quicker realization and action in a potentially dangerous situation.
Professor Nicolas Mathevon from the University of Lyon in Saint-Etienne, France led a study looking into if a parent could recognize the cry of their own child among various cries from children the same age.
Found that both genders had a similar rate of recognition of only about 10%, this depended largely on the amount of time spent with the child.
Intuition as an Evolutionary Advantage
recognize crying children
recognize offspring among a crowd
Social and emotional bonds strengthened between parent and offspring
Difficult to distinguish from parental care as a whole
Again with parental actions
seeing characteristics
hearing differences
Influencing Empathy
In a study by Andrea Serino, it was discovered that how we perceive others affects our sense perception. If we look at a picture of someone of the same race being touched we are more likely to feel a touch on our own face.
Lack of senses (blindness, deafness, etc.)
Various studies suggest that with some adjustment, people in these categories can perform normal activities just as well as others.
The problem lies in the fact that people perceive these conditions as inhibitors.
The lack of any one sense only affects social conditions due to how the "normal" person within the relationship treats the situation.








Both Sense Perception and Intuition are (obviously) important
Intuition may be automatic, but it is not accessory, it is an evolutionary adaption
Aside from physical attraction, sense perception is used to develop intuition and emotional connections between people, and one sense can be replaced by another.
Just like I find it helpful to know who it is, its helps in more extreme life or death cases.
Also explains empathetical reactions to say if someone you know is injured and you feel it to
How does sense perception affect empathy?
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