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Freak the Mighty

By Sanjana Santhosh

Sanjana Santhosh

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty By Sanjana Santhosh There are 5 characters in my prezzi.

The main characters are
Killer Kane The Main Characters "I never had a brain until Freak came along....."

Maxwell is always worried about how stupid and what a butthead he is ,but when Freak came along all his worries disappeared. His studies improved. The environment changed and he was happy. He didn't care about what people called him as long as he had Kevin and together they made a great team called freak the mighty, they also have adventures on maxwell's shoulders like the day they fought tony d. Maxwell "Identify yourself earthling"

"he's got a normal sized head,but the rest of him is shorter then a yardstick..."

Kevin is brainac and he is the smartest guy he knows, he grows from the inside but doesn't show it in the outside.When Kevin met Maxwell, he wasn't so close to him but when they started talking,Kevin started getting close to Maxwell. They started being friends and Freak taught him how to read and write and to also use a dictionary. Kevin(Freak) "Understand,Grim never yells ,not at Gram not that I can ever remember..."

Grim is Maxwell's grandfather. He didn't trust Maxwell before but soon things changed. Grim started to trust Maxwell and started to treat him like a real grandson. Grim might say things and perhaps even do things unexpected. He is a main character but he doesn't play much parts in the book. Grim also takes much of the responsibilities for the family. Grim "Over my dead body you will"

..."Gram gets her feelings hurt pretty easy"...

Gram is Maxwell's grandmother. She startes to trust him as things go on. She is a pretty sensitive character and a very nice one too, just like most Grandma's are. Before she was kind of scared of Maxwell, but now she started to communicate clearly and and be more braver and confident. Gram "I came back",he says. "Like I promised". Killer Kane Freak the mighty is a really good book, I like the way the author has built up each character. The book is also very interesting. It's kind of like in a diary format. It's a really nice book. Freak the Mighty Killer Kane is a really emotional character. He can get really angry when you say something bad about him or not answer the questions that he say. Killer Kane can also try being gentle by showing that he is not that bad person.

He is also a person who makes friends with unknown people like Loretta Dee,ect. He has been in jail for 10 years, so everyone knows that he killed Maxwell's mum but he says he didn't and he is probably a liar too.
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