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Computer Software Engineeer

Exploring the life of Computer Software Engineer including it's job, work conditions, earnings, skills and more.

Aldrin Condez

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Computer Software Engineeer

By:Aldrin Ryan Condez
Computer Programming 11/12
Block 4 Computer Software Engineer Software Engineer is a person who designs, write and tests computer programs. They apply the principles of computer engineering in order to design, test and evaluate softwares and systems. They work in wide range of projects They work in manufucturing, industry, engineering, government offices and educational institution They use different prgramming languages such as C or C++. Here is two videos about Life of Computer Software Engineers. Take note that the other one is optional. Most employers required that computer software engineer have college education in computer science or software engineering. For more demanding jobs, graduate degree is preferred. Education and Training Highschool students interested in this career must receive good grades in Math, English, Science and Computer Courses. Finally, knowledge in computers will give you edge in this career Computer Software Engineers work in office or lab environment which is generally clean and comfortable. Because it is a collaborative field, engineers frequently interact with co-workers and clients. Working Conditions The majority of software engineer's time is spent sitting at a desk, in front of a computer. Although this work is not physically demanding, sitting and working in front of a computer all day can lead to back and neck pain or strain and stress. Those who are new to the field often start between $35000 to $60000 a year. As they rank up, their salaries typically increases to $60000 to $150000 a year. Software Engineers who have the highest income are those engineers progress to senior management positions such as presidents or chie executive officer (CEO). $Earnings$ Computer Software Engineer's Job Software Engineer's are logical thinkers and analytical solvers. They have good eye for details and aptituuted for Maths and Sciences. What Skills does Computer Software Engineer have? They are also good communicators and presentors to their fellow engineers.
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