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The History of Chocolate

No description

Sarai Rodriguez

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of The History of Chocolate

400 AD
Anno Domini
(Latin"In the year of our Lord)
1000 BCE
10 Centuries Ago
(Before the Common Era)

The History of Chocolate
10th Century
The Olmec

4th Century
The Maya
9th Century
Toltec and Aztecs
Spanish Adventures
Christopher Columbus (1502)
Earliest Mesoamerican Civilization.
Located in the South of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico who where the first to discover cacao tree.
Located in south of present-day Mexico, stretching from the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America across to the Chiapas and the Pacific coast of Guatemala.

Refer to the cocoa tree as
These civilizations adopted the use of cacao, to them it was a source of spiritual wisdom, tremendous energy, and enhanced sexual powers.
4th trip to the Caribbean reached in the island of Guanaja off the Honduran Coast.
Hernan Cortes (1519)
Economic Value of Cacao is Discovered
Hernan Cortes was presented with cacao as he was seen as the reincarnation of the exiled king Quetzalcoatl
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